Destiny 3 rumors: it’ll be announced at PlayStation Showcase

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Destiny 3 rumors recently appeared on DestinyLeaks Reddit.

Update: DestinyLeaks Reddit moderators later discovered that the original post was edited after the official Destiny 2 “The Journey Ahead” trailer appeared, so this information can be considered fake.

Redditor EsterKraho shared some supposed insider leaks regarding Destiny’s future. As it turned out, EsterKraho correctly predicted 12-player activity and the Frontiers announcement. Redditor revealed that Destiny 3 will be announced at the PlayStation Showcase in September 2024. In addition, according to EsterKraho, Bungie will also show the first gameplay trailer of the long-awaited Marathon reboot there.

“Take this with a pinch of salt but I’ve just got news from an insider within SIE that bungie is showing firstly a gameplay trailer for marathon and secondly a teaser trailer for what seems to be Destiny 3 but rather labelled as just ‘Destiny’. This will all supposedly be on show at the PlayStation Showcase which is scheduled for September this year. On top of this once the 12-man activity is released bungie will announce their plans to release an age of triumphs style dlc under code name Frontiers.”

—   EsterKraho, Redditor

However, users are not in a hurry to believe EsterKraho. In the thread’s comments, many accused EsterKraho of spreading fake leaks; allegedly, their post was edited after Bungie’s official trailer.

What do you think about this? Do you believe that Destiny 3 and Marathon will be announced so soon? We will monitor developments and keep you updated!

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