Destiny 2 Lightfall Trailer: Incoming Six New Exotic Gear

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Just hours ago, Destiny 2 released a brand-new trailer. It has got everyone talking, and for a good reason. Adding to the Lightfall’s hype, six new exotic gear are showcased in sleek slow-motion, giving you chills watching as they pierce through the Vex enemies and Dark Cabal forces.

In a short yet no less thrilling video, Bungie has presented three armor pieces:

And three stunning weapons:

As well as an Exotic catalyst for:

On the stage of Neomuna, the vibrant Neptune city, they also demonstrated the game’s features of perks, mods, buffs, and debuffs through in-battle footage. Not only that, but you may even catch how the Destiny 2 Strand subclasses are in action.

Season of the Seraph is drawing to a close. It’s only a matter of days until Lightfall greets players on February 28. Endless hours of thrilling adventures and epic battles await. So gear up, grab your friends, and get ready to be the master of these latest Exotics.

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