Bungie Has Revealed the Voting Results for Wizard Sets

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A week passed, and now the voting results for Wizard Sets for every class are revealed.

Festival of the Lost 2024 Armor Set

Last week, Bungie conducted a poll where players chose the Festival of the Lost 2024 armor set for each class. The choices for players were Good and Evil Wizards, making the battle incredibly intense.

Today’s TWiD revealed the results of the voting, and here’s what Guardians ultimately chose:

Destiny 2 Wizard Sets
(Source: Bungie)

All that remains now for the players is to wait for the following autumn when the next Festival of the Lost will take place! Don’t be upset that you have to wait so long. On January 30, the Riven’s Wishes quest line will be released, and the annual Moments of Triumph 2023 will also begin.

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