Bungie Finally Spoke up Regarding all the Leaks

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Bungie Finally Spoke up Regarding all the Leaks


Bungie has accused Ekuegan, a popular Destiny 2 streamer, of being the source of a leak. This information was confirmed by the streamer in a private conversation with Gaming Journalist Paul Tassi.

The studio has based on the icon positions in the leaked photos and Ekuagan’s desktop display on his stream to confirm his involvement. As you can see in the picture, the taskbar above is from his stream. While the ones below are from those controversial images.

Images of the taskbars that Bungie based on to confirm Ekuagan’s involvement

As a result, Ekuegan has been banned from Destiny 2, and Bungie has severed ties with him. The company decided not to take legal action against him for violating his NDA and consider this issue closed.

However, Ekuegan firmly denied the allegations and claimed to be framed.

According to him, someone has tampered with the photos to shift the attention toward him.

“There’s so many screenshots, bro I have never taken a pic in my life, shoot my phone can be audited for god’s sake. I would of just screenshot on my computer, I use Sniping tool for that,”

— Ekuegan

Additionally, he denied any acquaintance with FreezingDard, the Discord user responsible for disseminating information from the summit. And even Freezing Dard has voiced his side of the story

Despite Ekuegan’s protestations, Bungie still maintains their decision. Thus, the gamer seems to have no choice but accept his fate and try to move on.

“Being painted as [a leaker] is gonna be annoying, but that’s a road with this community. No one is there to uplift all the great things you do, but they’re fast to try to break you down. That’s just life.”

— Ekuegan

If it turns out that Ekuegan is not responsible for the leaks, it would be a devastating outcome for both him and Bungie. This means that the actual culprit still remains at large, while the streamer’s credibility has been utterly destroyed.

The company has yet to make any further statement regarding the situation. After all, they did announce that the case is closed and declared their intention to move on from it. Therefore, unless new evidence surfaces to suggest otherwise, it seems that this is the end.

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Leaks have become a popular way to stir up excitement. Not only Destiny 2, but many other games have also fallen victim to such aching issues. These leaks are not without consequences for the developers who have worked hard to create the game and all of its elements, only to have them revealed against their will. Thus, after months of content being leaked, Bungie has finally decided to speak up.

The developers value the significance of community interaction and engagement in the title’s development. For a long time, they have been inviting creators and community members to private summits. Unfortunately, in the case of Lightfall, some individuals have trampled upon their trust. Therefore, the studio decided to reinforce its policies. They’ll be extra careful in selecting who’ll get to come to the summit next time.

While knowing about what will be in the game beforehand may be entertaining for fans, it can have major impacts on developers. Many players support the studio’s stance. They recognize the importance of maintaining community trust and engagement in the development process.

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Well, the leaker will have to suffer in a tough war with Bungie… I definitely won’t wish them luck in this.


Yeah… that’s the consequence for leaking information they shouldn’t be sharing. Bungie has identified the leaker and banned him, though :/ However, he’s denying to have anything to do with the matter and it seems there’s still more to it 👀 so let’s hang tight and see what will come next 😊