What Weapons Should You Craft in Destiny 2?

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Since the introduction of the crafting system in Destiny 2, the players’ lives have become incredibly easier. Anyone could finally create weapons with the perks they wanted. No more pointless farming and hours spent for the god of randomness to eventually bestow the desired gun. But which exactly are the best craft weapons in 2023, and which perks should you choose before the release of Lightfall?

Today, with this guide, you will finally find out and choose the perfect loadout for yourself for any occasion. It’s time to go to the crafting table, young Guardians!


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Rapid Hit/Outlaw, Frenzy/Headstone

Season of the Seraph has a lot of good guns, but this craftable pulse rifle got the hearts of many Guardians right away. Disparity has simply excellent perks, given that it also has impressive characteristics and an Aggressive Burst Archetype. Speaking of perks, Rapid Hit will improve your reload for hits in crit, while Frenzy has long been one of the best perks in the game. And if suddenly you like to play Stasis Subclasses, then thanks to Headstone, you are bound to love this weapon.


Best Rolls: Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, Outlaw, Rampage/Frenzy

Guardians waited for it for a long time. The legendary Hand Cannon Austinger is finally back in Destiny 2 with a craftable version. That’s the best way to get familiar with Hand Cannons, especially when you can craft all the coolest perks. Here you will find the already familiar combination of perks such as Outlaw and Rampage, which is perfect for almost any activity. But if you want to have passive buffs, then Frenzy is also a good choice.


Best Rolls: Fluted Barrel, Appended Mag, Overflow, Firing Line/Focused Fury

If you were asked what the ideal Sniper Rifle for PvE can be found or crafted in principle, it would be Thoughtless. Thanks to the use of Enhanced Overflow, you have the opportunity to make your magazine almost bottomless. In addition, Firing Line and Focused Fury are great against bosses, which is essential in difficult missions. To sum up, this is one of the game’s best craftable kinetic weapons for Dungeons and Raids


Best Rolls: Smallbore, Flared Magwell, Threat Detector/Unrelenting, Incandescent

If you love playing Solar Subclasses, go craft this SMG. Due to Incandescent, you will burn your enemies while receiving bonuses from Fragments. Threat Detector will help you with Reload Speed, and Unrelenting will heal you for kills. But even if you don’t play Solar, Calus Mini-Tool is worth the time and has your back.


Best Rolls: Corkscrew Rifling, Seraph Rounds, Feeding Frenzy/Threat Detector, Voltshot/Frenzy

Already the third version of this SMG, and somehow it managed to become even better. Many began to call it the best weapon to craft, and deservedly so. Voltshot allows you to take out a bunch of enemies in a couple of shots, while Feeding Frenzy or Threat Detector will help you do it much more often. Really good stuff, to be honest!


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Fourth Time’s The Charm/Overflow, Focused Fury

Not only the Ikelos SMG received the third version, but the IKELOS sniper rifle as well! It’s just as good, and you can always replace the SMG with it. You could even say, those two are the best craftable weapons in Destiny 2 for a backup plan. You get the perfect SR for PvE activities by crafting it with the right perks. For example, Fourth Time and Focused Fury are suitable for true snipers fans because, for every precision hit, you will replenish ammo and increase damage.


Best Rolls: Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Auto-Loading Holster, Disruption Break/Frenzy

The only actual Solar Wave Grenade Launcher is in the game at the time of Season Of Seraph. In addition to the fact that the Archetype does a great job of destroying many weak enemies, all in all, this gun has excellent perks. Auto-Loading Holster will help you forget about reloading, while Disruption Break or Frenzy will help against more powerful enemies.


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Enhanced Battery, Adaptive Munitions/Triple Tap, Voltshot

During the last year, a decent amount of legendary craftable trace rifles came out in the game. Regardless, earlier, those types of weapons were only in the form of exotic. The new Path Of Least Resistance has good perks that can help you against both weaker and stronger enemies. Also, Adaptive Munitions will help you in more difficult content to quickly break through any shields.


Best Rolls: Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Ambitious Assassin, Chain Reaction

Do you need a legendary weapon that can annihilate crowds of mobs in one second and also heal you? You found what you were looking for! A bunch of perks like Ambitious Assassin with Chain Reaction will never let you down. Of course, the main problem is that due to the specific weapon crafting system, you will have to spend quite a lot of time in Vow of the Disciple, but it will pay off.


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Ionized Battery, Rapid Hit/Clown Cartridge, Vorpal Weapon/Frenzy

Bungie will most likely nerf Linear Fusion Rifles in Lightfall, but you still have to give Sailspy Pitchglass a chance. Not all Guardians like this type of weapon, but it will still help you in any situation. Thanks to its good perks, they are already making it great. Only Arc Damage makes it already unique. Definitely one of the best guns among craftable heavy weapons.


Best Rolls: Volatile Launch, Impact Casing, Demolitionist/Auto-Loading Holster, Chill Clip/Vorpal Weapon/Frenzy

What is this list without a powerful rocket launcher for any occasion? With its excellent reload speed and serious damage, Bump in the Night will always help you out in battle with bosses or powerful enemies. In addition, you can improve the characteristics of weapons with Frenzy. However, in some cases, you can use them to supplement their builds, like Demolitionist with Vorpal. Currently, in Season of the Seraph is the best craftable weapon by type in Destiny 2.


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Ionized Battery, Field Prep, Focused Fury/Vorpal Weapon/Frenzy

The new Aggressive Linear Fusion Rifle from Season Of The Seraph replaced the famous Reed’s Regret. It may not have all the great perks that its predecessor had, but Fire And Forget is still a good choice. Field Prep will help you with a very low Reload Speed, and the other perks in this column aren’t even worth your time.


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Appended Mag, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Target Lock

Among all the craftable machine guns available in the game, you must make the Retrofit Escapade, at least for the collection! Even after fixing Volatile Rounds, this machine gun is still pretty strong. And all because the same Fourth Time’s the Charm almost doubles your magazine, and Target Lock can significantly increase damage.

Truthfully, these are all the weapons at the moment that we recommend you craft. In the future, Bungie may introduce even more new weapons to craft with more attractive perks, but this will be a topic for discussion in a separate article. We recommend that you hurry up to get them because we still need to figure out how you will get them with the release of Lightfall.

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