Best Void Warlock Build in Destiny 2 Season 23

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Get your best Void Warlock Build in Season of the Wish right now! Dominate in both PvE and PvP!

Key Takeaways:

  • The first build is based on the classic Nezarec’s Sin, with which you can survive any encounters in endgame content.
  • The second build allows you to spam your Void Grenades all the time!
  • The third build turns you into an SMG + Void machine in PvP, giving your opponents no chance!
  • Unfortunately, Season 23 lacks Void Artifact Perks, so we recommend you choose everything at your discretion.

Since the Light 3.0 update, every Destiny 2 Warlock has faced a difficult decision regarding their choice of subclasses. Of course, Warlocks are no exception. Even after the Lightfall’s release, one remains the clear favorite among said class’s Guardians: Voidwalker. Its benefits in the form of fast health regeneration and ability spamming have led many to choose this particular subclass. But did you know that your Voidwalker can become even stronger?

Today we’ll talk about the best Warlock Voidwalker builds that will help you easily deal with opponents not only in hard end-game PvE activities, like GM Nightfalls or Master Raids, but even in Trials of Osiris. With Lightfalls release, some builds changed a lot, for example, void elemental well disappeared from the game. If you get intrigued, go to the character menu and start making significant rearrangements that will definitely lift your gameplay to the next level!

Source: Bungie

Nezarec’s Sin With Void Weapons Build

Void Warlock PvE Build

How can you make the best Warlock Void 3.0 build? Gear up with Void weapons and armor, of course!

By equipping yourself with all the right abilities, aspects, and fragments with the right Exotics, you will become an unstoppable machine in PvE. If you see Nezarec’s Sin helmet for the first time, that’s a unique chance to get acquainted with the best Exotic for this subclass because Void-damage final blows grant increased ability regen. This means that by spamming abilities, you will replenish them just as quickly, creating havoc on the battlefield. And a Fragment like Echo of Provision will help you get your powered melee ability back on track with grenade damage.

Remember that one of the main advantages of Void Warlock build Lightfall is Feed the Void. With this aspect, you gain the incredibly useful Devour, one of the best void buffs, which activates after each void ability final blows. The buff itself instantly heals you after any Final Blow, which can be deemed really busted. And no, this does not mean that you should start running Empowering Rift as your Class ability, since 90% of the time it is worse than the Healing Rift that sometimes saves your life. However, the effect only lasts 10 seconds, but you can extend Devour buff with the Persistence fragment.

And how can you speed up this ability regen process even more? Any Void weapons will help us to solve said trouble. We recommend using the extremely powerful Le Monarque, a Void bow that has one of the best weapon damage and can poison your enemies, or Collective Obligation, which helps you easily debuff your enemies. This combo of Exotics and subclass effects makes it the best Void Warlock PvE build in Destiny 2 without needing volatile rounds. 

Let’s go through mods, shall we? Those must-have mods are not for show-offs. With their help, your loadout will definitely become more powerful. For example, your Void weapons require Void Siphon and Weapon Surge, as the first creates Orbs of Power from Void weapon Final Blows, and the second grants bonus damage from Armor Charge. The Firepower mod also helps generate Orbs of Power from the Grenade, and Charged Up and Time Dilation allow you to carry more Armor Charge stacks and have a longer duration. They are fundamental for Voidlock and play an important role in the next Void Warlock build Destiny 2.

Contraverse Hold With Void Abilities Build

Void Warlock Build

The essence of the build mostly stays the same here, but the focus is more on grenades due to Contraverse Hold. The peculiarity of the arms is that a grenade hit speeds up your Grenade Regeneration by 2000%, albeit only for 1.75 seconds. During this time, you can effortlessly restore more than 1/3 of your ability energy. So you will fill the arena with grenades, depriving your opponents of any chance to counter your attacks.

One of the main reasons why this Void Warlock build in Destiny 2 is one of the best: the focus on the Vortex Grenade. Echo of Undermining and Remnants will help you deal with enemies faster through increased duration and weakened debuff. Due to these combinations, the grenade and fragments Contraverse Hold can trigger twice, allowing you to restore your grenade energy fully. Sadly, you lose 20 Discipline, but any good build requires sacrifice and good high-stat armor.

In the Contraverse Hold loadout, Echo of Harvest could be ideal. With the assistance of this fragment and Firepower mod, you’ll generate tons of Orbs of Power with Vortex Grenades. After the third and final build, we’ll discuss it in more detail, but the right choice of perks will affect your gameplay just as much as Aspects.

Void Warlock PvP Build

Void Warlock Pvp Build

That’s the best Destiny 2 Void Warlock PvP build, and it is similar to the previous ones except for the next few things. You should keep Recovery as high as possible and get Ophidian Aspect Exotic. In Crucible, it’s crucial that you can instantly draw weapons (like Shotguns). Of course, good void grenades like Scatter Grenade could be handy in various situations.

In terms of aspects, we advise taking the Child of Old Gods and Feed the Void because of their effectiveness in PvP for this Destiny 2 Void Warlock build. The first one is useful for dealing additional damage to combatants after activating the rift because even after death at the hands of an enemy, your Void Soul flies and can finish them off. The second aspect, on the other hand, grants devour buff, because of which your final blows restore health.

Speaking of Fragments, Vigilance and Persistence is the perfect combo. Vigilance gives you a Void Overshield if you finish off an enemy while your shields are depleted, while Persistence increases the duration of all Void Buffs.

Recommending a specific weapon for the best Warlock Void build is really difficult due to each player’s particular tastes. Still, SMGs are in the meta right now, so Ikelos, The Immortal, or Unending Tempest might be to your liking.

Void Warlock Artifact Recommendation

All that remains is to get little loadout bonuses. Artifact perks from the current season will help us significantly improve the gunplay, but not the subclass itself. We recommend deciding for yourself what exactly might suit your taste, and you can read more about the current Artifact in the article on Survivability Nerf and Stasis Changes in Destiny 2.

Final Words

Thus, we have sorted out all the amazing Voidlocks loadouts in Destiny 2. This whole Void Warlock build guide has been meticulously put together so that your character can fight back combatants or Guardians in any activity. We guarantee you will be like a Void Monster!

For now, you can check out our Strand builds for Warlocks or all the best Warlock builds. Are you having trouble getting Exotics? You’re in luck because WowVendor is always ready to help solve the players’ problems with Destiny 2 Services at any time of day or night.

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Good article – just noting that Ophidian Aspect no longer extends Melee range since season 21 tuning

Owl Guy
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Hello, Jim!

Thank you very much for your comment and feedback! This kind of support is very important to us! I’ll fix this error in the next few hours, it completely slipped my mind :”)

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Silly question how do you reach 100 resilience and the other max stats for controverse hold build with abilities 😂


I think that the best option is to farm high-stat armor in the Master Dungeons. In these Dungeons, u can also get Artifice Armor with an additional Star slot. In terms of exotics, just do weekly activities with exotic Engram as an reward and visit Rahool to focus Controverse Hold.