Every Best Warlock Stasis Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

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It is time to discover the best Warlock Stasis build in Destiny 2 and evolve into an unstoppable icy machine!

best Warlock Stasis build in Destiny 2

Key Takeaways

  • The Stasis subclass is very special because it is important to have a good weapon with you, like Buried Bloodline, Verglas Curve or Conditional Finallity.
  • Osmiomancy Gloves Build allows you to control the battlefield with Stasis turrets, which is helpful in endgame content.
  • Mantle of Battle Harmony + Ager’s Scepter is a really fun build. With it, you can use your Super to power up your weapon and easily clear tons of mobs.
  • Best Stasis Warlock Build for PvP will make your enemies always suffer from your freeze abilities, creating excellent opportunities to eliminate them.

There’s nothing better than a Warlock capable of freezing targets in its path. Season of the Wish finally gave this subclass buff, and it became even more useful in PvE and PvP content. We decided to update this list with the best builds we have.

Discover the power of Shadebinder, the ultimate version of the Stasis subclass, with our Stasis Warlock Build guide. We’ll help you equip all the essential Exotics to create the perfect loadout for a Warlock that can freeze targets. Let’s look into Shadebinder and its powers!

Weapons For Stasis Warlock Builds

If you’re new to Stasis in Destiny 2, we recommend using the Warlock class. It has a powerful superpower and effective Aspects that make playing it easy on the battlefield. To maximize its potential, we suggest creating the best build loadouts for Stasis Warlock.

To generate Stasis Crystals, it is best to use:

To slow down or freeze enemies, it is most reasonable to equip:

In addition to the guns mentioned above, the Buried Bloodline Special Sidearm became available with the introduction of Warlord’s Ruin in Season of the Wish. Despite having Void Energy, it is perfectly suited for Stasis Builds as they often suffer from a lack of healing. This Exotic gives you Devour if you make 4 Minor Final Blows or 1 Major Final Blow with this weapon. If you didn’t know, this buff gives you 100 HP and Grenade Energy for every Final Blow while also extending its timer.

So, keep every weapon from this list in mind!

Osmiomancy Gloves Build

Osmiomancy Gloves Guide

We’ll begin with the first of three Destiny 2 Warlock Stasis builds that is easy to use. It is specifically centered on maximizing the effectiveness of your grenades. It’s important to note that you specifically should equip Coldsnap grenades, which sends Seekers to find the next target to freeze after freezing the enemy.

Firstly, obtain and equip the Osmiomancy Glove, which provides an extra Coldsnap grenade for backup. Coldsnap also replenishes grenade energy when it hits or freezes an enemy. That’s a crucial part of the build, and we will describe how to use it shortly after. 

Now let’s comprehend the Aspects and Fragments. They are beneficial in many Stasis Warlock builds in Destiny 2, so catching their purpose is essential.

Glacial Harvest is useful because it creates Stasis Shards when freezing foes, something you constantly aim to do with Coldsnap. Additionally, Bleak Watcher assists by allowing us to deploy Stasis Turrets that automatically freeze enemies within their sights.

Next, we’ll use Fragments, like Rending, which helps you deal more damage to frozen enemies with Primary weapons. As we already know, weapons play an important role in this subclass. Refraction grants you Class Ability Energy after taking down a frozen or slowed enemy. Durance helps maintain Stasis abilities, such as the Stasis Turret or slowness, for a longer time. At the same time, Chains reduce damage from foes when you’re near frozen targets or Сrystals.

Now let’s focus on the crucial mods in one of the best Warlock builds for Stasis subclass. First, you must equip two specific mods to create Orbs of Power: Reaper (generates them on the next weapon Final Blow after using your class ability) and Harmonic Siphon (creates them on Rapid Stasis weapon Final Blows). Furthermore, to recharge your grenades, you have to use Armor Charges. To obtain them, you’ll need to pick up 3 Stasis Shards (by equipping Elemental Charge x2) and Orbs of Power (by equipping Stacks on Stacks) to obtain additional Armor Charges stacks.

Our remaining task is to ensure you can constantly replenish grenades in the build. We achieve this by using the following mods:

Thus, the gameplay loop of this top Stasis Warlock build in Destiny 2 looks like this:

It’s all quite simple to use, and that’s what makes it fantastic!

Mantle of Battle Harmony Build

Mantle of Battle Harmony Build

The essence of this build revolves around two Exotics: Mantle of Battle Harmony and Ager’s Scepter.

This Exotic armor for the Stasis Warlock is needed to accumulate Super Energy with our weapon’s help quickly. Its unique feature in the build activates when you use Stasis weapons to defeat foes, making Ager’s Scepter an excellent choice.

This Exotic weapon freezes everyone around it when destroying a target, which is undoubtedly beneficial. It also returns 10 rounds to the magazine for taking down enemies with Stasis damage. However, in order to unlock its full potential, the Catalyst must be equipped, which transforms the weapon into a more advanced form that can be activated when your ultimate ability is fully charged. Using this form will consume Super Energy, and it will continue to remain active until the energy runs out or the weapon’s ammo is depleted. To prevent interruptions, utilize the Mantle of Battle Harmony and Special Ammo Finder mod to keep your Super ability charged and your gun ready.

Among the Fragments, we have the following upgrades for this Stasis Warlock PvE Build. We recommend choosing Whisper of Rime and Torment because now it’s important for you to have greater survivability and other ways to acquire grenades. The former grants an overshield after picking up Stasis Shards, which we obtain from the Glacial Harvest Aspect. The latter provides grenade energy when taking any damage from opponents.

Regarding the best mods for Stasis Warlock builds, we recommend the following:

Thus, Orbs will become your indispensable allies in this build!

Stasis Warlock PvP Build

Osmiomancy Gloves Build

What can we suggest for PvP battles in this Stasis Warlock subclass meta in Destiny 2? In general, nothing extraordinary. You can once again equip the Osmiomancy Glove, take Iceflare Bolts and Frostpulse as your Aspects, and also one new Fragment: Whisper of Hedrons. Let’s break down what each of these additions entails:

As for mods, they don’t play a significant role here. You can think about which weapons to use in PvP, but we leave that choice entirely up to you. Alternatively, we can recommend our separate article on this topic. The guide will assist you in crafting the best build loadouts for a Stasis Warlock.

Best Stasis Warlock Artifact Perks

Season of the Wish Artifact heavily relies on the Stasis subclass, thanks to which we have many useful stasis bonuses. Next, we will briefly say what exactly we recommend getting in it for your Warlock to make your builds even better.

First Column 

Second Column

Third Column

Fourth Column

Fifth Column

Final Words

Now we can congratulate you! Now you know how to become an unstoppable freezing machine in PvE and PvP. If you are interested in how to make the best builds on other subclasses, you can easily do this in our guides for Void, Solar, Arc, and Strand builds!

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