Everything You Should Know about Destiny 2 PvP Weapon Perks

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Everyone wants the best PvP perks Destiny 2 on their weapon, but only some know which ones are effective in different situations.

As in any MMO, getting the desired weapon to become all-powerful is not enough. You have to earn this weapon with specific traits to make it more useful. In Destiny 2, this function is performed by perks, which unlock the weapon’s potential in the most unexpected ways.

Thus, you can make the weapon’s range much better than usual when you are far from the player, increase your damage with each enemy killed, or switch between weapons incredibly fast. Good perks are necessary in any content, especially in PvP activities.

Today, we’ll talk about Destiny 2 PvP Weapon Perks that will save you in Trials of Osiris in the toughest situations or let you have fun in regular Crucible matches. Get comfortable, get some tea, and learn how to deal with your opponents effectively!


First, we’ll cover a whole type of weapons: Primary weapons. Many perks are ideally suited for each of them, so it makes little sense to break them down by individual weapons. Instead, we’ll divide this section into stat, utility, and damage perks.

Stat Perks

In this category of best PvP weapon perks in Destiny 2, you’ll find perks that help improve weapon stats. Since range plays a crucial role in Crucible, it will be assessed first.

Pvp Stat Perks

Keep Away

In Crucible, you are often quite far from the enemy unless you’re playing with Sidearms or SMGs. In that case, use Keep Away, which gives Bonus Range, Reload Speed, and Accuracy if there are no enemies within 15 meters. This perk shows its best on Pulse Rifles and Hand Cannons but should not be underestimated on Auto Rifles, which for some could be one of the best Auto Rifle perks in Destiny 2.

Fragile Focus

At the time of its release, Fragile Focus was a terrible perk. You used to get +20 Range, and you would lose this bonus from any taken damage. After its buff, Fragile Focus became one of the best perks, as now you lose the bonus only when your Shield is destroyed.


Not every player can constantly hit enemies in the crit, but that’s no reason to be upset as long as there’s a perk like Headseeker. For a Bodyshot, your weapon will have significantly improved Aim Assistance, as well as increased critical damage for a very short time. Headseeker is the best Accuracy perk for Pulse Rifles and Burst Sidearms.

Tap the Trigger

If you lack Stability and Accuracy, Tap the Trigger can fix that. This perk is activated every time you start shooting, and it provides a boost of +40 Stability, reduces recoil by 50%, and decreases the size of the accuracy cone by 10% for 0.6 seconds.

Moving Target

Aim Assistance is a very important stat on any gun. Roughly speaking, it makes the enemy’s hitbox wider, making it easier to hit them. In order to earn a bonus to this stat, you have to get a Moving Target. This perk gives +10 Aim Assistance and increases Strafe Speed, but these bonuses are available only while aiming, which you’ll be doing almost always.

Utility Perks

Only sometimes, it is about damage or weapon stats in PvP. In battle, you can gain an advantage over the enemy by harming the enemy or gaining some bonus yourself.

PvP Utility Perks

Explosive Payload

In PvP Sandbox, Flinch is an essential factor that makes it difficult for your enemy to aim at you. You can increase Flinch from your gun by using Explosive Payload. That’s because half of the shot damage becomes an explosion, which is not affected by Damage Fall-off. Therefore, you can shoot out at longer distances without worrying about decreased damage.


What could be more annoying than dealing less damage to an enemy than you should? Slice is exactly capable of this. Namely, it applies a Sever Debuff on your enemies after using a Class Ability. If you don’t know, Sever reduces Guardian damage by 15%. For example, because of this, Hand Cannons are not able to take down opponent in 3 hits.

Damage Perks

To become more lethal and deal with enemies faster, you’ll need Damage Perks. Not all of them are good, so you have to choose wisely.

Destiny 2 PvP Weapon Perks

Kill Clip

Kill Clip can be considered a PvP classic. After so many years, it is still quite relevant, all because of a 25% bonus damage. You only need to reload after a Final Blow to get such considerable bonus damage. Most often, Kill Clip reduces TtK, but on some weapons, it only improves forgiveness. One such weapon is The Messenger.

Target Lock

The main advantage of Target Lock over other damage perks is that it works completely passively. It shows its strength on SMGs, significantly reducing their TtK. However, despite its power, we cannot rate it higher than Kill Clip, and all because of one big drawback. This perk works well, but not on all guns. On 360 RPM Auto Rifles, it is almost useless.


Each Special Weapon requires a unique approach. For example, Sniper Rifles Rifles are needed for long distances, while Shotguns are effective only at close range. The same applies to perks, as some perks are good on one type of weapon but may be terrible on another. This section will be about the three most popular Special Weapons in Crucible: Fusion Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns.

Best Fusion Rifle Perks Destiny 2

Best Fusion Rifle Perks Destiny 2

Under Pressure

Since in PvP, you almost always have very few rounds, why not use Under Pressure? This perk activates if you have less than 50% of your magazine, giving you bonus Stability and Accuracy, which is very important for Fusion Rifles. The lower your ammo count, the greater the bonus, up to +30 Stability and -25% Accuracy Cone Size.

High-Impact Reserves

Not all Fusion Rifle archetypes are reliable to use. For example, if you hit 5 Bolts from Adaptive Frame on a player with Low Resilience, you’ll destroy them, but against T10 Resilience, you’ll need 6 Bolts, which sometimes might not be enough to take down your foe. That’s where High-Impact Reserves come in. It works the same as Under Pressure, but instead of weapon stats, it improves its damage. If you want to know more about how this perk works, we recommend watching a Legoleflash video with a detailed breakdown.

Best Sniper Perks Destiny 2

Best Sniper Perks Destiny 2

Snapshot Sights

You must constantly aim with a Sniper because otherwise, hitting the target is almost impossible. To do this faster, you need Snapshot Sights. This way, you will spend much less time ADSing, allowing you to eliminate your enemies quickly.

Opening Shot

Often, when pulling out a Sniper Rifle, you expect to make one shot, hitting the enemy in the head. To make hitting your targets much more manageable, you need an Opening Shot. It activates if you haven’t shot from the gun for a few seconds, then gives you bonus Accuracy, which is necessary for this weapon type.

Best Shotgun Perks Destiny 2

Best Shotgun Perks Destiny 2

Opening Shot

Shotguns always need range, as without it, it’s much harder to hit one-shot on opponents. Opening Shot assists with this, providing you a +25 Range if you haven’t fired from the Shotgun for a few seconds.


Shotguns are often used in emergencies, and you need to pull them out as quickly as possible. If your Shotgun has minimal Handling, Quickdraw will change it. This perk allows you to draw the weapon almost instantly, which can save you more than once.


As previously mentioned, Shotguns rely heavily on range. To further increase range, one can use the Slideshot perk. This perk grants a +20 boost to range upon sliding, although the effect only applies to one shot. Combining Slideshot with Opening Shot is a great strategy and can often be found on many Shotguns.

Final Words on Destiny 2 PvP Perks

With this, we finish our comprehensive Destiny 2 Perk Guide, which means it’s time for you to draw conclusions and go farm perks! Remember, you can acquire a weapon pattern and craft what you need by looking at the perks from this list. Always check if the weapon has the perks you need on Light GG.

If you liked our article, you might enjoy our tier list on Best Destiny 2 Weapon Perks for PvE, which is even more comprehensive and detailed in descriptions of various aspects. If you’re not as interested in that, we recommend enhancing your collection of guns with the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2!

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