Best Prismatic Warlock Build In Destiny 2: PvE and PvP

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Get ready for the best Prismatic Warlock Build in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 Best Prismatic Warlock Build

Ket Takeaways:

  • In this guide, you can find three great Warlock builds for the Prismatic Subclass
  • The first build is for those who enjoy Stasis turrets and want to improve them further
  • The second build is focused on creating a DPS Warlock suitable for raids or dungeons
  • The third build is great for PvP, making you an Arc god

We have many exciting discoveries ahead in The Final Shape, including a new subclass. The Prismatic guide gave a lot of insights on how this Subclass can function, and now we can suggest the three best Prismatic Warlock builds for PvE and PvP. You’ll be able to make them as useful as possible with Exotic Armor, abilities, and other suggestions. Let’s see what you can create!

Best Prismatic Warlock PvE Build

Best Prismatic Warlock PvE Build

The main problem for Stasis Warlocks has always been their lack of survivability. Even your Stasis turrets can’t save you forever. Thankfully, with the release of The Final Shape, there is an excellent alternative in the form of the best Prismatic Warlock build for Destiny 2 PvE, where you can frequently use Bleak Watcher while having lots of healing and huge damage resistance.

The key elements here are the combination of Osmiomancy and Bleak Watcher, which have already proven themselves on Stasis. Exotic Arms not only give an additional Coldsnap Grenade charge but also restore its energy for each Grenade hit on an enemy. Since you’ll have two Coldsnap charges, you can use the Bleak Watcher Aspect much more frequently and effectively, converting your Grenade into a Stasis Turret.

To ensure our best Prismatic Warlock build in The Final Shape has a useful Grenade and HP regeneration, we need the Feed the Void Aspect, which provides the Devour buff for Ability final blows. Because destroying foes with Bleak Watcher or Coldsnap will be difficult, we need a powerful Melee like Incinerator Snap, which can easily kill red bars even in GM Nightfalls.

Since we often make Melee and Weapon final blows in this best Prismatic build in Echoes Episode, we need Heavy Handed and Siphon Mods to create Orbs of Power. Thanks to the Facet of Purpose, when collecting these Orbs, we will receive either Restoration or Woven Mail, depending on the element of your Super. Additionally, it’s worth using Innervation, which provides Grenade energy when collecting Orbs, and Weapon Surge Mods, which use Armor Charges for enhanced gun damage.

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Best Prismatic Warlock DPS Build

Best Prismatic Warlock Build The Final Shape

Have you dreamed of being the top damage dealer in your Raid Fireteam but lacked an excellent Super Exotic like Star-Eater Scales or Cuirass of the Fallen Star? We are pleased to inform you that with the release of the Prismatic Subclass and Exotic Class Items, your dreams will finally come true!

Let’s start with the most crucial part of the best Prismatic Warlock build for Raids and Dungeons, namely Needlestorm. Although this Super is not easy to master, it can deal colossal damage comparable to Thundercrash with Cuirass of the Fallen Star without any buffs. This is where our Exotic Class Item with two specific perks comes in handy: Spirit of Apotheosis and Star-Eater. The first perk will give you almost instantly replenishable Grenade and Melee Abilities, and the second one enhances the damage of your Needlestorm for each Orb of Power collected while your Super is charged. Spirit of the Necrotic is a worthy counterpart to Apotheosis, as it causes your melee to poison combatants, providing you with passive damage against the boss.

Powerful Super and Abilities spam alone are not enough to lead in damage, as we also need good weapons in any best Prismatic Warlock build for GM Nightfalls. We recommend looking at Rocket Launchers with Demolitionist (like Apex Predator), as they’ll synergize well with Spirit of Apotheosis at the beginning of the damage phase. To make your Heavy weapon damage even better, be sure to use Weapon Surge Mods along with Time Dilation.

Best Prismatic Warlock PvP Build

Best Prismatic Warlock PvP Build

With this best Prismatic Warlock build for Destiny 2 PvP, you will become an actual Thunder God, thanks to triple Lightning Surge and a strong Devour buff. It has a lot of potential, and you should try it!

This entire build revolves around the interaction between Lightning Surge and Arcane Needle. Since this melee by default has three charges, you’ll also have three Slide Arc Melee from Aspect, which can quickly help you finish off several enemies at once.

Since you will often make Abilities final blows in this best Prismatic Warlock Trials build, the Feed the Void Aspect is essential. It’ll provide you with the Devour buff, which heals and gives Grenade energy for any kill while it is active. Speaking of Grenades, Coldsnap will be helpful here, freezing enemies on hit and making them very vulnerable to Lightning Surge.

Finally, let’s talk about Exotics, and here you have two choices:

Both options are suitable for the Prismatic Warlock Crucible build, and which one to use depends only on your preferences.

Destiny 2 Best Prismatic Warlock Build Final Words

So, that’s the end of the best Prismatic Warlock build for Endgame activities, and now you can start preparing and taking some notes. You can also check out other cool guides, such as the best Warlock build in Destiny 2 with other great subclasses. Moreover, you can unlock Prismatic with all its abilities even faster with The Final Shape services!

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