Destiny 2: Best Prismatic Hunter Builds For PvE and PvP

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It’s time to look at the best Prismatic Hunter Build in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 Best Prismatic Hunter Build

Key Takeaways:

  • In this article, we will discuss three different Prismatic Hunter builds that can be used in various situations and game modes
  • The first build is designed for PvE content and utilizes Melee as the primary ability
  • The second build also focuses on PvE but uses all available abilities to maximize their effectiveness and spam them
  • The third build is tailored for PvP and utilizes dodge to freeze opponents, self-heal, and create a decoy

The Final Shape introduced us to one of the most intriguing subclasses in the game’s history — Prismatic. We’ve already discussed it separately in the Prismatic guide, but now we can discuss what you can do with this subclass. First on the list, let’s discuss Prismatic Hunter builds for PvE and PvP. Although there’s plenty of room for experimentation, we’ve prepared three cool builds you will love. So, let’s learn how to build them and use them!

Best Prismatic Hunter PvE Build

The strongest Hunter melee build has always been Arcstrider with Combination Blow, but the release of TFS has changed that forever. Due to the Exotic Class Item and better Aspects, this best Prismatic Hunter build in Destiny 2 PvE can be considered the leader among Melee builds, and we are ready to explain why in detail.

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with Combination Blow Melee ability, which plays a key role in this Top Prismatic Hunter build. Every Powered Melee Kill grants 100% Fixed Class Ability, restores HP, begins Health Regeneration, and grants a Combination Blow stack, up to 3x. The maximum number of stacks gives you a 309% Increased Melee Damage, allowing you to take down even Majors efficiently.

Moving on to the most compelling part of our best Prismatic Hunter build for Raids and Dungeons, namely Aspects and Exotic Class Item, Stylish Executioner is particularly interesting because Melee Attacks, while invisible from Stylish Execution, deal 150% increased damage and weaken enemies. After killing an enemy with an elemental debuff, you gain Invisibility again, allowing you to remain invisible all the time. Winter’s Shroud helps you become invisible even more often, as your Dodge, which is easily regenerated by your Combination Blow, will slow nearby enemies. Instead of the last Aspect, you can safely use Threaded Specter, which creates a Decoy after Dodge, provoking enemies.

In the third column of the Exotic Class Item, you need one of two perks: Spirit Of Caliban (good with Winter’s Shroud) or Assassins (good with Threaded Specter). The former makes all your Combination Blow Final Blows cause Ignition, easing Add-clear, while the latter grants you Invisibility. In the fourth column, you have three choices:

For the most promising results with Spirit Of Caliban in this best Prismatic Hunter build in The Final Shape, use Facet of Ruin, which increases the size of Solar Ignitions. You can use the usual Liar’s Handshake if you have bad luck with Exotic Class Item Rolls.

Of the unmentioned Fragments and mods, only a few are extremely important:

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Best Prismatic Hunter Ability Spam Build

Best Prismatic Hunter Raid build

Using just one Melee might be boring for some, even if it’s very effective. For those like you, we’ve prepared a second best Prismatic Hunter build in Destiny 2 Echoes Episode focused on constantly using all your Abilities.

Hunter’s Dodge is quite dull on its own, so why not replace it with something fun using the new Ascension Aspect? It grants you and nearby allies the Amplify buff, deals damage, and applies Jolt to foes for consuming your Dodge in the air. This Aspect pairs perfectly with Spirit Of The Coyote, as it gives you an additional Class ability charge, and Facet of Hope Fragment, which increases Dodge regen while you have an elemental buff (in our case, Amplify from Ascension).

Using one Ability is not enough for fun, is it? That’s why we need Spirit Of The Inmost Light in this Prismatic Hunter build for Episode Echoes, providing you with improved Ability regeneration after using any Ability. The Facet of Balance Fragment also helps with this, as it grants Melee or Grenade energy from fast Final Blows with Light or Dark damage.

Do you want Lord Shaxx to be proud of you? Then, you’ll need to use even more Grenades, aided by Gunpowder Gamble Aspect and Grenade Kickstart mod. Upon getting six charges, the Aspect gives you a unique Solar Explosive Grenade that can be detonated mid-flight, causing Ignition. The mod helps you use Magnetic Grenade more often by consuming stored Armor Charge for Grenade Energy.

Don’t forget about Transcendence in the D2 best Prismatic Hunter builds, which increases Ability Regeneration and grants you a unique Hailfire Spike Nade that combines Solar and Stasis Abilities when activated.

Best Prismatic Hunter PvP Build

Our Prismatic Hunter Crucible build revolves entirely around your Dodge, allowing you to create a Decoy, slow down enemy Guardians, and heal yourself with just one use of the Class Ability.

The most essential Aspects of the best Prismatic Hunter build in Destiny 2 PvP are the Threaded Specter and Winter’s Shroud. The former one creates a Decoy after dodging, which explodes and creates two Threadlings when it takes enough damage or if an enemy stands too close. And that’s where you need Winter’s Shroud to ensure enemies are always close enough and to slow all nearby enemies. Thus, by getting close to an enemy and simply dodging, you can deal a lot of damage and slow them, making them an easy target.

To make the best Prismatic Hunter Trials build even better, we need an Exotic Class Item with one of two perks of your choice:

In the third column, only one perk is worthy of your attention: Spirit Of The Dragon. It also activates upon using your Сlass Ability, reloading all weapons, and increasing their handling for a short time.

Destiny 2 Best Prismatic Hunter Build Final Words

And that’s all we can say about these best Prismatic builds for endgame activities. If you have any questions about them or liked them a lot, you can write a comment below. Moreover, we recommend checking out other articles, like Destiny 2 best Hunter build with all the best loadouts for this class. In the meantime, we recommend using the Destiny 2 services to help you get the desired class item or upgrade the Prismatic subclass.

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