Best Lost Sector Weapons in Destiny 2: Top 8 Guns to Get

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Everyone wants to get the best Lost Sector weapons in Destiny 2. We can help find top guns to get!

Best Lost Sector Weapons in Destiny 2

Key Takeaways:

  • In the Lost Sectors, a daily rotation of weapons has appeared, where you can constantly find superb guns for farming.
  • This article compiles eight must-have guns, including Sidearms, Fusion Rifles, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, Grenade Launcher, and Sniper Rifle.
  • In this list, you can find weapons that can be used in both PvE and PvP.

The Season of the Wish has delighted us with various new content and also made us return to farming Lost Sectors, as weapons now drop there! The Lost Sector weapon rotation changes daily, and we recommend studying it before grinding these guns. Right now, we want to discuss what you should farm and add to your arsenal. Sit back comfortably, and let’s begin!

Best Lost Sector Weapons

In a separate article, we already discussed the best Gunsmith weapons in Destiny 2 you can focus in Season 23, and now it’s time to find out which are the best Lost Sector guns in Destiny 2 you can obtain right now. There are a total of eight guns on the list, but each of them is worth your attention!

Nox Perennial V

Let’s start our list with the Strand Fusion Rifle, which performs splendidly in PvE activities, but only if you get a god roll. So, what’s unique about these two perks? Envious Assassin overflows a magazine from reserves when you kill enemies with another gun. At the same time, Controlled Burst gives a 20% increased damage and 10% reduced charge time when hitting a full burst into an enemy. Without these two perks, Nox Perennial V would be useless for many players. In PvP, we do not recommend this gun, as it performs poorly there. Nevertheless, it is still a part of the top Lost Sector weapons in Destiny 2!

Senuna SI6

If you’re not a fan of Sidearms, Senuna SI6 can completely change your mind. This weapon is not only good for Stasis Builds but also has a unique perk for this weapon type. We’re talking about Headseeker, which is found only on Senuna SI6 and High Albedo from Europe. Although you won’t see great Sidearm perks in the third column, that’s easily compensated by stats and Omolon Fluid Dynamics Origin trait. Even with a Full Bore, Senuna SI6 will have 100 Stability, which is quite surprising.


Irukandji God Roll

Irukandji is one of the best Lost Sector PvE weapons and also the most popular 140 RPM Legendary Sniper Rifle, which players can now efficiently farm in Lost Sectors. Why do so many want it? Of course, to use it in Raids with Fourth Time’s the Charm and Firing Line. The former returns two rounds after four precision damage hits, and the latter deals increased critical damage when standing near two allies. Focused Fury is an excellent alternative to Firing Line if you’re a solo player.

Psi Hermetic V

Psi Hermetic V is one of the best Lost Sector Pulse Rifles for PvP, thanks to its Archetype and valuable perks. The combination of Moving Target and Headseeker allows you to have more Aim Assistance, move faster when aiming and deal more precision damage after bodyshots. Psi Hermetic V is not as good in PvE as you would wish, as there are better options, like the next weapon on the list. Nevertheless, it is still helpful with the above perks, especially for Stasis Builds.

Combined Action

Combined Action God Roll

Finally, let’s discuss the Combined Action Hand Cannon, which, although inferior to Igneous Hummer, still has impressive perks. One such is Adagio. It activates after a Final Blow from Combined Action, then reduces RPM and significantly improves damage. This allows you to destroy Guardians with any level of Resilience with two hits, which even Kill Clip cannot do. Zen Moment is also a rare guest for HCs, so definitely try playing with it. All in all, this hand cannon can easily be called one of the best Lost Sector PvP weapons.

Battle Scar

Battle Scar falls short of Psi Hermetic V in PvP but succeeds in PvE due to its 450 RPM Archetype. The beloved Keep Away perk, which improves reload, range, and accuracy when no enemies are nearby, is always handy. It can be swapped for Shoot to Loot, allowing you to pick up ammo and Orbs of Power from a distance and reload the weapon. The fourth column has the indispensable Kinetic Tremors, which creates a shockwave when you continuously deal damage. If you haven’t got Psi Hermetic V with a PvP god roll yet, you might use Battle Scar with Keep Away and Headseeker.

Heliocentric QSc

Heliocentric QSc is another excellent Sidearm with incredible perk combinations, which is now one of the best Lost Sector weapons in Destiny 2 Season 23. Do you want to heal yourself and scorch enemies constantly? Heal Clip and Incandescent are perfect for this task! Are you looking to acquire a gun to assist you in frequently using Grenades? You’ll hardly find a better combination than Demolitionist with Adrenaline Junkie! 

In terms of PvP, Heliocentric QSc can also surprise you. As an example, Precision Instrument increases the Forgiveness of this Sidearm, requiring one less Crit hit.

Harsh Language

Harsh Language God Roll

Are you looking for a Wave Frame GL to perfect your Void Builds? Then Harsh Language is clearly for you. This Grenade Launcher is highly regarded as one of the best Lost Sector weapons in Season of the Wish, and is generally considered to be a really effective choice.

With Destabilizing Rounds, you can easily make your enemies Volatile. Repulsor Brace is more suitable for those who want to survive by any means, as taking down enemies with a Void debuff gives you a Void Overshield. But that’s not all, as the perks in the third column are no less interesting than the previous ones. With Envious Assassin, you are able to fit up to three rounds in your magazine easily, and Stats for All increases Handling and Reload Speed for hitting three different targets, which is very easy with Harsh Language.

Final Words

These are all the best Lost Sector weapons in Destiny 2 2023 you can earn right now. Bungie may change the rotation or expand the list, and in that case, we’ll surely update the article. In case you have any inquiries regarding the weapons or the list itself, please leave a comment, and we will promptly respond to any question!

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I want the heliocentric sidearm for pve because sidearm are the barrier weapon which sux

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hello, Taco!

Every day, Lost Sector updates its rotation of locations, exotic armor, and weapons. In each picture, we wrote the weapon rotation number, and today, it is the turn of rotation 2. Tomorrow will be rotation 3, then rotation 4, and then rotation 1, once again. At the beginning of the guide, we included a link to an article that shows all the guns with their rotations.

I hope with this explanation, you now have a better understanding of how the Lost Sector weapons system works 🙂