Destiny 2: Episode Echoes weapons — overview and god rolls

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Find out all the best Echo weapons in Destiny 2 right now!

best Echoes weapons in Destiny 2

Key takeaways:

  • In this guide, we talk about all the Echo and Dawn weapons that you can obtain during this Episode
  • In total, we describe 15 weapons in this article
  • You will find a full overview of each weapon with Echo weapon god roll recommendations

Episode Echoes has just been released and it’s packed with a plethora of content, making it overwhelming for players to navigate. This is particularly true for the new weapons, which are numerous. There are 10 Echoes guns and 5 Season of Dawn weapons available, making it challenging to determine which ones are worth investing in. In this article, we will break down all the Episode Echoes weapons to help players make informed decisions about which ones to pursue. So, let’s dive in and explore the best Echoes weapons in The Final Shape!

Episode Act 1 weapons

Let’s start our Echoes weapons overview with those available from Echoes Act 1. All these Echo guns can be obtained in the game right now, and some of them should definitely be added to your collection.

Lost Signal, Special Grenade Launcher

Lost Signal

Lost Signal is the first Area Denial GL, which might initially seem similar to Witherhoard but is quite different in practice. Unlike the Exotic, this Grenade Launcher fires five projectiles that leave a damage pool on the ground, making it a perfect gun for add-clear. You can use perks like One for All or Unrelenting for add-clear. In the third Column, Auto-Loading Holster is the best option, although Lead from Gold is good for more frequent ammo drops. All in all, Lost Signal is easily one of the best Episode Echoes weapons in D2!

Ill Omen, Sword

Ill Omen

Caster Swords are the worst archetype, and unfortunately, Ill Omen is one of them. This weapon is not suitable for DPS or add-clear, and its best role is utility. Cold Steel allows you to stun Overload and Unstoppable Champions from a distance by slowing and freezing them, which can be useful in some content.

Veiled Threat, Auto Rifle

Veiled Threat

Veiled Threat is a mediocre Auto Rifle in terms of perks and stats, but it feels much better than its counterparts, especially in PvP. In PvE, if you don’t have Krait, this weapon is a decent replacement for Stasis builds, though the recently released Bold Ending is better in every way.

Sightline Survey, Hand Cannon

Sightline Survey

If you don’t play Raid and don’t have Posterity, which is among the best Hand Cannons in Destiny, Sightline Survey is a good alternative and possibly one of the best Echoes guns in Destiny 2. Voltshot is essential in the fourth column for effective add-clear. There are a few worthy perks in the third column, with choices between Keep Away or Enlightened Action for reload speed, and Strategist for Class Ability Regen. In PvP, 180 Hand Cannons are mediocre, but if you’re a fan, you can give it a try.

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Faith-Keeper, Rocket Launcher


After the recent buff, Precision and High-Impact Rocket Launchers became good choices for everyday use, though they still lag behind other archetypes in DPS. Faith-Keeper, a Void Precision RL, has good perks, though it’s hard to say which is the best, but we recommend the Auto-Loading Holster and Bipod combo.

Timeworn Wayfarer, Scout Rifle

Timeworn Wayfarer

Despite being an Aggressive Scout Rifle, Timeworn Wayfarer is the best of its kind with excellent perks. One of the most interesting rolls is Heal Clip and Incandescent, providing healing in tough fights and causing ignitions by applying Scorch stacks to enemies. Shoot to Loot is a good choice for Endgame, allowing you to pick up Ammo Bricks and Orbs on Power by shooting them. For quick reloading, try Dual Loader, which reloads three or even four rounds with an enhanced perk. Desperate Measures is the best choice here if you want a constant damage boost.

For PvP, Timeworn Wayfarer is a must-have if you often play with Scout Rifles. You can opt for the classic Keep Away and Opening Shot for improved accuracy, and also consider Eye of the Storm for handling and accuracy improvement when your health gets lower. Timeworn Wayfarer is arguably one of the best Echoes weapons for PvP!

Patron of Lost Causes, Scout Rifle

Patron of the lost causes

Patron of Lost Causes is an excellent choice if you want a kinetic Lightweight Scout Rifle. In the third column, Rapid Hit enhances reload speed and stability with rapid precision hits. In the fourth column, there’s the beloved Explosive Payload and Kinetic Tremors, which create shockwaves with sustained kinetic damage. In PvP, you can try keeping Rapid Hit and equipping Precision Instrument, which increases your precision damage with each rapid hit, allowing you to takedown any Guardian with three crit and one body shots.

Breachlight, Sidearm


Breachlight returns with new perks and an updated Strand type, and it’s better than ever! In PvE, you have a rich choice of perks, including for grenade builds (Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie), melee builds (Pugilist and Swashbuckler), and more. This weapon has great potential and can be one of the best Echoes weapons for PvE! In PvP, there are better options, but it has some fun perks to play with.

Line in the Sand, Linear Fusion Rifle

Line in the Sand

The last weapon from Act 1 is Line in the Sand, which is one of the best Dawn weapons in D2. This Arc Linear Fusion Rifle is a slightly downgraded version of Cataclysmic, as it lacks FTtC or Triple Tap perks that increase total damage. Clown Cartridge or Deconstruct are decent alternatives, though they only increase magazine size and improve DPS.

Episode Echoes Act 2 Weapons

Next, we’ll discuss weapons appearing in the upcoming Episode Echoes Acts. First up is Act 2, releasing on July 16, featuring some of the best Episode Echoes weapons in Destiny 2!

Corrasion, Pulse Rifle

Veiled Threat Auto Rifle

Bungie is treating players to another heavy burst Pulse Rifle with interesting rolls for both PvE and PvP. In PvE, Voltshot can clear crowds of enemies by jolting them. The third column offers two perks to improve handling and reload speed, which are both excellent, though Eddy Current is better to use in Arc builds. Additionally, there’s Pugilist for melee energy and a brief handling boost with melee damage. In PvP, you can equip Perpetual Motion for weapon stats or High-Impact Reserves for damage improvement, while Eye of the Storm in the fourth column offers more accuracy and handling as you take damage.

Aberrant Action, Sidearm

Aberrant Action

The family of Rocket Sidearms will gain another excellent member, Aberrant Action. If you want to heal yourself and blow up enemies, Heal Clip and Incandescent will make it easy. Additionally, Pugilist and Demolitionist provide instant grenade and melee energy recovery. This may not be the best Rocket Sidearm, but it’s definitely one of the best Echoes weapons in Destiny 2!

Perfect Paradox, Shotguns

Perfect Paradox

Even though the game already has plenty of One-Two Punch Shotguns, we highly recommend getting Perfect Paradox because of its Origin Trait. Cast no Shadows charges your magazine with each melee hit, which you’ll be doing frequently. Because of this, you can skip Magazine Perks in the third column and opt for Field Prep for increased total reserves or Pugilist for melee energy. Therefore, Perfect Paradox can be one of the best Season of Dawn weapons in Destiny 2!

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Episode Echoes Act 3 Weapons

And now let’s talk about Echoes Act 3 weapons, which will release on August 27.

Speleologist, Machine Gun


If you’re looking for a rapid-fire Machine Gun with Target Lock aside from Retrofit Escapade, you’re in luck with Speleologist! In addition to Target Lock, which can increase your damage as you shoot at enemies, there’s Deconstruct. Deconstruct replenishes your magazine and increases damage to vehicles with sustained fire. Additionally, there’s Envious Assassin, which overfills your magazine when you defeat enemies with another weapon. This makes it one of the best Echoes weapons for DPS!

Chronophage, Trace Rifle


Chronophage has excellent potential to be the best Trace Rifle, especially after Bungie increased damage for Trace Rifles in TFS. It has many exciting perks you might like:

This makes it the perfect void Trace Rifle for any content, and you won’t want to part with it!

Martyr’s Retribution, Grenade Launcher

Martyr's Retribution

The final Episode weapon is Martyr’s Retribution, which you must get as it’s one of the best Echoes weapons for raids and dungeons. This Wave Frame GL has a combination of Heal Clip and Incandescent, perfectly synergizing with Solar Subclass, allowing for frequent healing, increased ability regen thanks to Ember of Benevolence, and, of course, lots of explosions. For other subclasses, any perk from the third column is decent, but in the fourth column, only Kill Clip or Adrenaline Junkie are good choices.

Final Words on the best Episode Echoes weapons in D2

So, now you know everything about Echo weapons and we recommend trying out some of them! If you want to obtain even more guns, check out the best Final Shape weapons in which we discuss all the best legendaries you can get. Don’t forget that if you want to get something right away without wasting any time, try out Episode Echoes services where we will complete or farm anything you want!

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