Best Crucible Weapons in Destiny 2: PvP Playlist in General

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Earn the best Crucible Weapon in Destiny 2 and become even more powerful!

Key Takeaways:

  • This article is divided into five parts, covering Current and Legacy Competitive, Crucible, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner weapons
  • Each gun can be useful in a variety of situations in PvP, but some of them can be used in PvE, like Unwavering Duty
  • If we recommend a weapon from each category, it would be Rose, Riptide, The Messenger, and Pressurized Precision

Half of Destiny 2 players dedicate their free time to PvP. It’s interesting to test your skills against other players and to try out various guns. However, a large part of players focus on local loot and ignore it, which is a pity because you’re missing out on real gems that could make PvP shine in new colors.

Today’s article on the Destiny 2 best Crucible weapons will discuss guns from the PvP playlist that you should definitely pay attention to. Some of them are even part of the meta, so let’s quickly dive into which ones you should keep an eye on.

Best Competitive Weapon

Let’s start with weaponry that are obtained from Competitive. As of the Season of the Wish, there is one very good Pulse Rifle!

Belisarius-D, Pulse Rifle


Every two seasons in Crucible, a new Competitive Weapon appears, and this time, it’s the Aggressive Strand Pulse Rifle! First and foremost, Belisarius-D stands out with its Stats, making achieving 100 Range or Stability very easy. But the advantages of this gun don’t end there, as it possesses excellent perks for both PvP and PvE. Although the choice here is quite broad, our favorites for Crucible are Slice, Keep Away, and Headseeker.

Best Legacy Competitive Weapons

In addition to the current Competitive gun, there are also Competitive weapons from past seasons that still perform well in PvP and can be considered the best Crucible weapons 2024.

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Rose, Hand Cannon

Rose Hand Cannon

With the introduction of Legacy weapons in Season of the Wish, Rose has once again become available to players, and it remains the best PvP Hand Cannon in Destiny 2, thanks to a rich selection of perks with an excellent archetype!

Currently, in the third column, there are several great perks available. For example, Moving Target provides a +10 Aim Assist with a 9.5% decrease in Movement Speed Penalty while Aiming Down Sights. Slideshot is also a solid option, as it offers a buff on Range and Stability on the first shot within three seconds and reloads the Hand Cannon by 15% after sliding. In the fourth column, Explosive Payload is the standout perk, as it causes enemies to flinch more. Eye of the Storm, which boosts Accuracy and Handling, and Opening Shot, which improves Range and Aim Assist on the first shot, are also good choices.

Mercurial Overreach, Sniper Rifle

Mercurial Overreach

In our guide on the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2, we have already discussed Mercurial Overreach. It is a fantastic Sniper Rifle that offers a potent combination of perks, but unfortunately, it cannot be crafted. The perks provide players with the ability to aim quickly, get better aim assist, and have bonus Accuracy on the first shot. If you manage to obtain this excellent roll and combine it with Handling Masterwork, you’ll be at the top of the leaderboard in every match!

Best Crucible Weapons

Let’s move on to weapons that are freely obtained from engrams and regular matches. They are quite easy to farm, especially thanks to Focused Decoding.

Riptide, Fusion Rifle

Riptide Best Vanguard Weapons

Interestingly, one of the best Crucible weapons in Season 23 for PvE is only available in PvP. Riptide has become so popular solely because of one perk: Chill Clip. With it, your Fusion Rifle applies a 40x Slow to enemies if the magazine exceeds half of its maximum capacity. Because of this, Riptide is capable of stunning Overload and Unstoppable Champions regardless of Seasonal Archetype.

Unending Tempest, Submachine Gun

Unending Tempest

SMGs have firmly established themselves in the meta and do not plan to leave it. First, Ikelos was popular, then everyone played with The Immortal, and now Unending Tempest leads the way. For PvP, the obvious favorite is Target Lock, as it passively reduces TtK to 0.7 seconds. This Submachine Gun is also extremely good in PvE due to the combination of Demolitionist and Headstone, especially if you like playing on Stasis.

Out of Bounds, Submachine Gun

Out of Bounds SMG

Another good SMG is Out of Bounds, although it’s seen much less frequently than the previous gun. For PvE, Demolitionist is again a wonderful perk in the third column, perfectly complementing Grenade Builds. In combination with it, Golden Tricorn or Adrenaline Junkie are excellent, as their activation requires Abilities. Regarding PvP, we highly recommend looking for Fragile Focus, as the Lightweight Archetype has very little Range.

Randy’s Throwing Knife, Scout Rifle

Randy's Throwing Knife Scout Rifle

Good old Randy is returning to us after so many years and only getting better. PvE fans will like the combination of Rapid Hit with Kinetic Tremors, which suits well for GMs and easily makes it the best Crucible weapons to focus at Shaxx. For PvP Players, the choice here is much broader. Zen Moment is a perfect choice, as reducing Flinch and Recoil is extremely important on Scout Rifles. For 6v6, you might like Cascade Point and Kill Clip, while for Competitive Playlists, Box Breathing is a better fit.

Best Trials of Osiris Weapons

Competitive weaponry doesn’t end there, as we haven’t discussed Trials of Osiris weapons to focus and obtain. Moreover, some of them hold the entire PvP meta, so let’s look at what they can offer you.

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Igneous Hammer, Hand Cannon

Igneous Hammer

This Hand Cannon has been leading the top Crucible Weapons for almost half a year. It’s not surprising, as compared to other 120 RPM HCs, Igneous Hammer has much better Stats. It also has excellent perks, making this weapon even better. Here, you have perks like Keep Away or Fragile Focus, which increases Range, and Eye of the Storm or Moving Target, improving Accuracy. So, it is one of the best Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris weapons and will be for a long time!

The Messenger, Pulse Rifle

The Messenger Pulse Rifle

We are moving from the best Hand Cannon to the best Pulse Rifle. The Messenger is ideal in everything, from Archetype to Perks, and it is the one of the best Trials of Osiris weapons in Season of the Wish. In the third column, the choice is between high Stability with Rapid Hit or increased Aim Assistance with Moving Target. The fourth column offers a broader selection. For 6v6, Kill Clip is better as it helps you achieve Kill Streaks. Headseeker or Keep Away will suit you well if you want more reliable perks.

Unwavering Duty, Machine Gun

Unwavering Duty Machine Gun

Finally, let’s touch on the best Trials of Osiris weapons in 2024 that are more suited for PvE. Although at the moment there is only one weapon that is worthy of such a mention. Unwavering Duty is a Solar Machine Gun with excellent perks for Ad-clear. If you’re playing on a Solar Subclass, then Incandescent perfectly complements your Builds. Otherwise, Killing Tally is a more preferred choice. In PvP, Unwavering Duty is also quite good, but it’s not worth farming for this purpose.

Best Iron Banner Weapons

And let’s finish with the good old Iron Banner, which players often bypass. Wrongly so! Here, you can get cool armor sets, as well as very decent weapons! And we’ll discuss those that are the best Iron Banner weapons in 2023!

Pressurized Precision, Fusion Rifle

Pressurized Precision

We believe Pressurized Precision is the best PvP Fusion Rifle for the first slot. An excellent Archetype, along with good perks, make this weapon more lethal than almost any other. To make hitting with Pressurized Precision much easier, perks like Firmly Planted or Moving Target are helpful, as they significantly increase Accuracy. High-Impact Reserves is the ideal choice for consistency, ensuring Guardian kills with 5-bolts. So, Pressurized Precision can easily be called one of the Destiny 2 best Iron Banner weapons.

Lethal Abundance, Auto Rifle

Lethal Abudance

Who would have thought that one of the most fascinating weapons in Iron Banner would be a 360 RPM Auto Rifle? This archetype has never been popular, so why is Lethal Abundance the complete opposite? It’s all about two new perks, Slice and Onslaught. The first perk allows applying a Sever debuff to enemies, while the second increases RPM for Final Blows up to 3. This combination of perks is unique in that it suits both PvP and PvE, making Lethal Abundance a part of the best Iron Banner weapons Destiny 2 offers.

Final Words on Best Crucible Weapons

And that’s all you need to know about the Destiny 2 Crucible weapons to obtain. If you have questions about specific weapons on the list or those that we did not mention, be sure to write in the comments! We will definitely answer and give the necessary advice if you need it!

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