Well Of Radiance Nerf And Other Ability Changes In Destiny 2

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Did you miss what destiny 2 ability changes we can expect in The Final Shape (TFS)? Well, you can find answers here!

Well Of Radiance Nerf And Other Ability Changes In Destiny 2

Bungie today announced a lot of buffs and nerfs to favored subclasses in Destiny 2. Some are getting buffs and others are receiving serious nerfs. Furthermore, you’ll be able to test out some of these changes when the Prismatic subclass comes out in The Final Shape update. So, let’s take a look at what Bungie will change in them.

New Frost Armor Buff for Stasis Subclass

Stasis has long been in need of buffs, and with the release of TFS, that day has finally arrived. The main change is the introduction of the new Frost Armor buff, which provides 4.5% damage resistance in PvE and 2% in PvP per stack up to a maximum of 5 (8 with the Whisper of Rime). Along with this, all Harvest Aspects have been modified to allow players to gain a stack of Frost Armor and a small amount of health from picking up Stasis Shards. Additionally, Titan’s Tectonic Harvest ability now creates Stasis Shards upon shattering a frozen enemy.

Of course, this isn’t enough for stable Frost Armor buff acquisition, so some Fragments have been changed and added:

Additionally, Stasis Shatter damage has been doubled (from 200 to 400). Renewal Grasps and Ballidorse Wrathweavers will now synergize with Frost Armor instead of providing standard Damage Resistance or Stasis Shard Overshield.

Well of Radiance Nerf and Ward of Dawn Changes

Everyone knew that Well of Radiance would eventually be nerfed, and this is finally happening. Damage remains untouched, but Healing and Damage Resistance (DR) have undergone significant changes. The Healing Effect is now twice as weak, equal to restoration x2 (50 HP per second), and DR vs. non-boss combatants is 20%, while vs. boss combatants it is 10%. It will now be much harder to survive in Well of Radiance, but Bungie has prepared another Super for this purpose.

The main feature of the Ward of Dawn is now protecting your teammates. It will immediately grant Void Overshield to people inside the dome, and gradually to those near the dome. Damage Resistance inside the dome has been increased, making players much more survivable. Along with these buffs, the Weapons of Light Damage buff has been removed from the base functionality of the Ward of Dawn, and you need to use the Helm of Saint-14 for it.

Grapple Tangle, Grenades and Fragments Changes

The developers decided to talk separately about specific abilities that will receive changes in The Final Shape.

All Subclasses Changes for Each Class

As we mentioned earlier, every subclass got some changes in The Final Shape. And then you will find out exactly what changes are awaiting you.

Warlock Subclasses


Stasis Warlock got one change regarding Iceflare Bolt. It can now release up to 7 seekers instead of 5.


Arc Warlock has received some improvements. Lightning Surge provides more resistance, making it easier to confront crowds of enemies. The issue with Ball Lightning missing targets has been fixed, and the proximity detonation volume has been increased by 30%. Additionally, the secondary chain projectile damage from Chain Lightning has been doubled.


Voidlocks can rejoice over various ability buffs. For example, Magnetic Grenade deals 20% more damage in PvE and has improved knockback capabilities by 10%. Also, when equipped with Chaos Accelerant, the Grenade is returned faster. The long-suffering Pocket Singularity will finally get a buff, with detonation damage increased by 50%. Both Nova Bombs will also receive buffs: Cataclysm will now have six seekers, and Vortex will last 3 seconds longer.


Strand Warlocks will receive a major change to the Weaver’s Call Aspect, which has been relatively weak. With this update, you will be able to create Threadlings from any Strand Final Blow with a higher chance of success the stronger the enemy is.

Hunter Subclasses


Silence and Squall is very weak, and its buff was expected. Its damage and slow tick rate vs. PvE combatants has been increased by about 40%. The Winter’s Shroud Aspect has also been reworked. Now, slowing targets will shortly improve your Class ability regeneration rate and grant PvE damage reduction when activated. Another Aspect, Touch of Winter, has received a minor buff affecting Glacier and Coldsnap Grenades.


Arc received a few minor changes:

These changes will not drastically alter gameplay, but Arc Hunter is already in a great state, even without these buffs.


Void Hunter has received some good changes, all related to Melee. For instance, the smoke from the Snare Bomb lasts 2 seconds longer and deals damage to targets, improving if the target stays in it for a long time. This buff also applies to the Trapper’s Ambush, but the smoke lasts 1 second longer than the Snare Bomb. Glaive fans will be happy because Glaive melee attacks can now apply the Stylish Executioner‘s weakened effect.


Lightweight Knife, the least popular choice among Solar Hunters, received a significant buff. Now, it has two Melee charges by default, and the throw animation speed has been increased by 33%. Additionally, the annoying cooldown of Knock ‘Em Down has been reduced to 0.2 seconds, making Knife spamming much more enjoyable. Finally, Bungie has nerfed the Golden Gun and Star-Eater Scales strategy, preventing six Hunters from eternally having Super during Damage Phases.


Unfortunately, Strand Hunter only received PvP Nerfs:

Titan Subclasses


Bungie has buffed some abilities and aspects to make playing as the Stasis Titan more enjoyable. The Shiver Strike Melee ability received a 10% damage buff against combatants and is now easier to land. The Cryoclasm Aspect’s extended slide activation condition was changed, and it now works anytime with a 4-second cooldown. The Diamond Lance has received the most significant changes, including an increased detonation radius, the ability to destroy Stasis crystals on direct impact, and improved pickup interaction time with radius.


Arc Titan also received good changes affecting Thunderclap and Knockout. Thunderclap received a 20%-33% damage buff in PvE and 14% in PvP, making it much more enjoyable. Knockout Aspect received a small rework, with increased powered Melee bonus damage in PvE from 25% to 50%, and its healing behavior was revamped. It will no longer start health regeneration on Melee defeats but will heal a specific amount of HP depending on the type of enemy destroyed:

Touch of Thunder was also slightly modified. With this Aspect, Storm Grenade will move faster and stay on the ground longer in PvE, and Lightning Grenade will apply a jolt after the first damage event


Void Titan needed buffs and got some, but not enough. The extremely weak Shield Throw Melee received several changes:

These changes will significantly help this Melee, and we might see it more often in Endgame Activities. Offensive Bulwark Aspect was also slightly changed, now only extending Void Overshield’s timer to its normal maximum duration and regenerating a small portion of your active Void Overshield with each Melee defeat.


The already strong Consecration Melee received buffs in the form of a 20% bonus damage and the ability to shatter Stasis crystals for Prismatic Synergies! Additionally, Hammer of Sol will be much better without Sunspots due to some buffs, as this Super was almost useless without this Aspect.


Strand Titan received long-awaited nerfs alongside the Grapple Tangle changes. Into the Fray will now have a lower Additional Melee Regeneration Rate, but it remains one of the most vital aspects. However, Banner of War is not as lucky. Along with a reduced maximum duration to 24 seconds, its Damage Multiplier with Synthoceps and Wormgod Caress Exotics were also nerfed. It’s worth noting that it remains unchanged if you do not use this Armor.

Final Words

And that’s all we’ve learned from the recent article. Tomorrow, we will receive more news, but for now, this is all we have. If you would like to learn more about the TFS changes, you can check out what we know about The Final Shape article. Perhaps you will find some new information that you have never heard before!

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