Modern Warfare 2 release date and everything we know

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In the very beginning of June CoD fans were pleasantly shocked by the loud announcement of the release date for Modern Warfare 2. On October 28th you’ll be able to launch it on PS5, Xbox Series or PC either via Battle.Net or Steam platforms. And what can help pass the time of waiting for the release of Modern Warfare 2 better, than reading about this game?

New game or Remaster?

You may have already heard a confusing question: should the new Modern Warfare 2 be called a remastered version of an older game? Millions of players still feel very nostalgic about it. The mere name of the game released in 2009 rings in their hearts. The name is promising, and its main promise is to give people an ability to dive into a pool of positive emotions fueled by familiar game experience.

The thing is… There has already been a Remaster of the MW2. Well, somewhat. The Call of Duty MW2 Campaign Remastered which release date you could’ve missed in spring of 2020. The remastered multiplayer has initially been in plans for Modern Warfare 2 and even had a sort of beta version, but in the end it was scrapped. Thus, the end of 2022 along with the next game from the CoD series gathers so much attention exactly because it’s a completely new game. Some fans even prefer to write it differently: MW II, not MW 2.

But someone may still think of the new Call of Duty MW2 as a remake of that unreleased part of the classic game, at least in terms of gameplay. The short answer is definitely «no», but it’ll be easier to tell about it through a brief analysis of what is already known about the mechanics of the game.


The multiplayer will definitely get affected by promised changes to the whole gameplay. The AI system is greatly improved: both campaign and co-op will make you think twice before taking any action. This should seem even more important considering the fact that the game will have an updated version of Special Ops mode. Individual options of customization will also be greatly expanded by the improvement to the Gunsmith options.

Apart from these improvements, there are new modes coming. Of course, the classics won’t disappear and you will still be able to play the «Search and Destroy» — a mode as old as the Call of Duty series itself. Or maybe you fancy a more modern mode — «Hardpoint». It’ll be hard to not forget about them for a while, in exchange for a fight for an important package in a mode called «Knockout». Besides, when MW comes out a lot of players will be tempted to take part in «Prisoner Rescue» — a hunt for a hostage that you can defend or attempt to… well, rescue.

The developers are very ambitious. After the reveal of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare trailer global goals were set. Release date of the MW2 in 2022 seems to be a marker of a new era for the whole franchise. Right after the release a new Warzone has to appear — The Warzone 2, which is going to run on the same new game engine as MW2 — the IW 9.0. Undoubtedly, all the novelties brought by MW2 will also be used in the Warzone 2. Like a reworked vehicle system that makes it possible to bring down doors of vehicles and even realistically sink them!


The most complete Call of Duty MW 2 trailer is called «Official Dark Water Level Gameplay». It’s longer than others, lasting about 8 minutes. Of course there is no need to comment on spectacular graphics and all the other improvements: a fan who played the previous game will instantly notice them.

But the trailer hints at a few important points of the upcoming plot. It shows player right in action: protecting the safety of people by eliminating Al-Qatala terrorists shoulder to shoulder with your famous comrades Soap and Ghost, and the new character colonel Alejandro Vargas. While dangerous drug dealers from Mexico assist the terrorists, Mexican Special Forces help your honorable cause.

The grand campaign will once again make you visit completely different regions of the world: Mexico, Europe, Middle-East…. Members of recently reformed Task Force 141 never had a quiet life, but fortunately such a dangerous lifestyle is respectively rewarded. Not only with a good payment, but also with a variety of stunning locations to travel to — from underwater lairs to cities full of skyscrapers.

If you remember the plot of the previous CoD Modern Warfare, it’s easy to guess when does Modern Warfare 2 take place. Don’t forget to look at the calendar, as MW2 will definitely try to make its release date somehow resonate with the events of the game. Like it was with the first MW, which was released in 2019 and which plot took place the same year.


A chance to work once again with captain Price and other legendary characters has its price. How much does MW2 cost depends on your game preferences. If you want to make the game both brighter and easier to start, you may purchase Vault Edition for $99,99. It contains cosmetic content like the special red skins with masks for characters in multiplayer, Legacy Pack contributed to one of the characters, and a big mysterious Weapon Vault aimed at the improving the diversity of your armor and arsenal. Furthermore, this edition gives a few nice bonuses for the first season of the game that’ll help you rush quickly through the seasonal progress: Battle Pass and 50 free Tier Skips.

Finally, it grants access to the beta-test that may start at the end of summer. But mentioning this is as silly, as mentioning that you’ll receive a copy of the game — because access to the beta is granted to everyone who pre-purchases MW 2, regardless of what edition is bought: the formidable Vault Edition or a basic one, which is priced at $70.

The release date of the new MW may seem to be at the arm’s length, and the beta of the upcoming game is even closer — but someone may still be interested in a way to deal with this short time of waiting, and sort-of get ready for a new Call of Duty game. For now you may choose to try Warzone, and if you do so, be sure to try services that will make the game much more comfortable from the very start!

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