Best Hunter Build Destiny 2: Endgame, GM Nightfalls, and PvP

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Best Hunter Build Destiny 2

We have been analyzing builds on different subclasses for a long time. We recently finished publishing articles on Strand and Stasis, so we can consider this topic pretty much closed (until Bungie changes something). However, we still have one last aspect to cover, specifically detailing all the Best Hunter Builds for each activity (and also other classes).

This article lets you know which loadouts will be helpful in Endgame activities (Raids and Dungeons), Grandmaster Nightfalls, and even PvP to have quick ability regeneration, easy grenade ability reloads, and flawless melee energy obtain, and so on. Just be cautious; every build for PvE uses multiple Exotics, and you’ll need to prepare slots to equip them right away. Have you cleared some space? Then sit down, and let’s start the breakdown!

Best Hunter Raid Build Destiny 2

Hunter Build Destiny

Let’s start with a loadout that will be very useful in Raids or Dungeons because it turns you into actual support with a straightforward gameplay loop. Excellent survivability and high DPS are essential in these activities, so our D2 Hunter build is the best choice.

Shadowshot Deadfall is the main component of our loadout, as enemies caught in the Tether take 30% more damage (including bosses). For constant Invisibility, you must get the Vanishing Step Aspect (grants it from Dodge) and the Stylish Executioner Aspect (grants it after destroying foes affected by any Void Debuff). Don’t forget about Fragments; they’ll help you quickly debuff enemies and gain the Devour buff, which fully heals you.

After familiarizing yourself with the base of this Destiny 2 Hunter build, it’s time to choose the Exotics you have to utilize:

Remember that you can switch Exotics right in the middle of an encounter, even before DPS Phases. The same could be said about mods, as you’ll have two choices: Surge or Special Finisher. The latter only complements your support role during the encounter, letting you spawn ammo for the entire Fireteam. The former is suitable during the DPS phase, as it directly boosts the damage of your Weapons.

It remains to mention some mods in this Destiny 2 Hunter Builds guide that will be useful in PvE. As an example, Bolstering Detonation helps you obtain Class ability energy after dealing damage from Vortex (with Vortex you can easily perform Grenade kills). Moreover, Harmonic Siphon helps you spawn Orbs of Power, thanks to your Void Weapon (because they match Nightstalker Subclass). Additionally, Recuperation is perfect for healing because Orbs of Power are always around. Of course, you can equip damage resistance mods if you have some problems with survivability.

And don’t forget to equip good weapons on the battlefield. And if you want to know about the best weapons to use in Raids, check this article where we recommend wave frame grenade launcher, rocket launchers, some void and arc weapons, and more.

Best Hunter Grandmaster Build

Hunter Build D2

Void Hunter performs well not only in Raids or Dungeons but also in Grandmasters. Since survivability is a priority in these activities, Invisibility once again easily helps you navigate through the challenges. However, if the previous best Hunter PvE build in Destiny 2 used Stylish Executioner, it’s better to equip Trapper’s Ambush in this one. This Aspect enhances your Melee ability, letting you and your allies gain Invisibility (and you don’t even have to make Powered Melee Final Blows). It will be particularly useful to save your teammate during a fight. Additionally, you’ll be able to perform a Dive with all the properties of a Snare Bomb (SB) but with a larger radius, making it better than SB. Regarding Super, we stick with Shadowshot Deadfall, as Crowd Control is never superfluous.

The set of Exotics differs little from the Endgame Hunter build, but there are some changes. Instead of Gyrfalcon, we recommend trying Omnioculus, as it easily allows you to provide constant Invisibility to your Fireteam. However, you should know that you can’t change Loadouts right in the middle of GMs, so choose your Exotic wisely.

Regarding mods, we also have some changes in our best Destiny 2 Hunter build for PvE. Grenade Energy is not so important to us in both loadouts, so we do not use mods like Grenade Kickstart here. And yet we still use Bolstering Detonation to get dodge abilities and take Firepower to create Orbs of Power easily. In addition, be sure to wear the Heavy Ammo Finder on the helmet for difficult situations. With Orbs, you’ll receive Armor Charge, which will be gradually depleted every 10 seconds due to Surge Mods to increase the damage of certain guns. To improve Armor Charge time, be sure to use at least one copy of Time Dilation.

Best Hunter PvP Build Destiny 2

Best Hunter Build

Finally, let’s touch on other game modes, like Crucible and Trials, which are also essential parts of the game, like the previous activities. The following Hunter PvP Build in Destiny 2 seems to be the best among all the available options.

Although all Hunter Subclasses perform well in PvP, Gunslinger stands out the most. Surprisingly, it’s not so much about Aspects as it is about Abilities and Fragments provided to you. First, Healing Grenades are going to constantly save you in dangerous situations. However, no one is stopping you from taking other Grenades, especially Tripmine, in conjunction with Young Ahamkara’s Spine (learn about it in this article). In terms of Melee ability, you have two choices: the reliable Proximity Explosive Knife (explodes upon enemy proximity) or the Weighted Throwing Knife (kill with ease if you hit Guardians’s head).

So, what Exotics are best suited at this Destiny 2 Hunter PvP Build in 2023? The most obvious choice would be St0mp-EE5, as the enhancement to Movement in Crucible not only makes gameplay feel faster but can also often help in fights. But if you want to live forever, confidently take Wormhusk Crown, which heals you after Dodge. The most neutral option is the recently buffed Knucklehead Radar. It not only improves the Radar itself, allowing you to see it while aiming but also gives a temporary wallhack against an enemy you manage to mark and get Free Kill.

If we talk about mods, then everything is as usual. You take everything that will improve your Weapons (Reload Speed, Aim Assistance, etc.) and also add mods to enhance abilities that we focus on (as an example, Dodge Energy from Utility Kickstart, or Impact Induction to decrease grenade cooldown from Melee damage). Everything here is simple and clear!

Final Words

Well, our guide has come to an end. Each Season of the Witch Hunter Build in this article will be relevant even in Season 23, but even if Bungie changes something, we will edit all the information along with it. We hope you share your experience using them in the comments and also share these loadouts with your friends. If you don’t have time to farm stats or armor, we recommend saving time and effort with the help of D2 Services. The best and most reliable way to dive into new content without grinding!

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