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Players all over the world are enjoying the vast, engaging horizons of New World full force right now. And it’s not surprising – this unique new MMO installment provides all the massive role-playing fun one could ask for. From exciting PvE explorations, expeditions, and raids to fierce PvP combats, reputations growing, and trade skill leveling. There is surely something to find and have tons of fun with for all types of players preferring high-quality, well-thought-out, balanced MMOs.

Have you plunged into the NW realms yourself yet? It is high time as hundreds of other keen players are already making progress in the game, taking over ranks and levels every minute. However, no matter whether you’ve already started your New World career or are only considering to kick off the fun, WowVendor has got your back!

In particular, New World Trade Skills leveling boost services available at WowVendor at the best prices in the market will help you hone your character’s non-combat abilities so that you could successfully thrive in often harsh NW environments. Your TS level represents a bunch of essential skills. And our experienced NW TS boosters will help you master most of them like a piece of cake.

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WowVendor is a seasoned provider of online boosts for a variety of games. We have a well-established pool of professional carries providing New World Trade Skills boosting across the essential skill categories.

Gathering TS boost

There are 5 gathering skills in all:

  • Mining – gathering Stone and Ore;
  • Skinning – gathering Animal Hides;
  • Logging – gathering Wood;
  • Fishing – catching fish;
  • Harvesting – gathering Fibers, Fruits, and Vegetables.

The higher your gathering trade skill level is, the cooler and more diverse resources you can gather in order to survive and thrive in the NW realms. The gathered resources can then be refined into even higher-level resources and materials for crafting. A dedicated NW Trade Skill carry will help you both farm the required amount of resources and boost your gathering trade skill level so you don’t have to waste tons of your spare time grinding.

Refining TS boost

To refine the gathered materials, there are also 5 refining trade skills:

  • Smelting – refining Ore into Ingots;
  • Stonecutting – refining Stone into Blocks and Gemstones;
  • Woodworking – refining Wood into Lumber;
  • Tanning – refining Rawhide into Leather;
  • Weaving – refining Fibers into Cloth.

With a higher refining trade skill level, you gain an ability to use resources more efficiently, requiring fewer materials to achieve the required refined items. You also gain a chance to get an extra refined item at a high level. We can help you with a hassle-free NW Trade Skill farm at a reasonable price. Just visit the WowVendor website and pick your boost.

Crafting TS boost

Once you gather proper resources and refine them into crafting materials, you can craft stuff – if you have a proper crafting skill level, that is. Of which there are 7 in total:

  • Weaponsmithing – crafting melee weapons;
  • Armoring – crafting soft and hard armors;
  • Jewelcrafting – crafting trinkets;
  • Engineering – crafting ranged weapons and ammunition;
  • Arcana – crafting magic weapons, potions, and tinctures; 
  • Cooking – preparing meals and non-magical drinks;
  • Furnishing – crafting storage spaces, trophies, and furniture for houses.


Savvy high-level crafters get more crafting and cooking recipes as well as the ability to enhance the properties of regular items, making them more powerful and efficient. New World Trade Skill leveling by WowVendor was created especially to help you achieve those levels at a reasonable amount of effort. 

Get your Trade Skills boost in New World right now to outrun the competition and become the most adaptive player on your server. 

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