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Trials of Osiris is high-level PvP content: an endgame Crucible event available from Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesday. 7-0, or Flawless is extremely hard, yet it’s the ultimate goal of the Trials runs as it grants you the most valuable rewards. Flawless run with a passage ticket grants your Guardian access to the Lighthouse chest, where you’ll find your rewards.

Efficient and effective teamwork, powerful and reliable weapons, decent armor stats and skilled fireteam members are necessary to defeat your opponents. And after your first win, the road to conquer Trials is just starting! Most generous rewards will await after your 7th consecutive win, and by going flawless, you’ll be rewarded with Adept Trials of Osiris weapon.


  • Standard: 1-4 days
  • Express: 1-36 hours

Options available:
There are 2 types of the boost offered: Recovery or Sherpa.
• In case of Recovery, we’ll play on your account for you, you can also check the Live Stream checkbox in case you’d like to overview the whole process.
• If you’d like to join our pro-teams to carry you through the activity, choose Sherpa instead.

Flawless 7-0 (Mercy Passage) a great option to get your weekly Adept weapon.
Flawless 7-0 (Confidence Passage) is a perfect option if you’d like to get a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.

Additional options:
Guardian of the Lighthouse is a Triumph, part of the Seal Flawless, that requires additional wins on a ticket after reaching 7 wins, and this option is the perfect way to get it done fast and hassle free.
7 wins after Flawless – once players have gone flawless in a given week, they have a chance of earning Adept Weapon drops on any Trials Ticket that has earned 7 or more wins while the Flawless Pool is active, regardless of loss counts. Use this options to boost your chances of a good Adept roll.
Express Completion – completion under 36 hours.
• Pick a “Live Stream” option, if you’d like to get the stream for the whole boost.
• In Flawless Pool you will face stronger opponents who already got their 7-0 this week. If you already got Flawless during this weekend, then select “Completion on Flawless Pool” option.

If your Character’s Power Level doesn’t meeting the requirements, we still have options for you, choose an additional option: My Power Level Lower than 1810

• Check Trials of Osiris Reward this week in our Reward Tracker.
• For 7 wins without Flawless – weekly pinnacle reward.
Confidence Passage (Flawless run after Flawless): you will get the Confidence is High triumph. You will also get an extra 1x Powerful piece of loot.
Guardian of the Lighthouse: grants the Guardian of the Lighthouse Triumph, consist of 15 extra wins and available after previously acquired Flawless.
• 2x Trials of Osiris Emblems: Hardened By Trial and Flawless Empyrean.
• Chance to get unique Lantern Shell, In Memoriam Trials and Horus Shell Exotic Ghosts.
• Chance to get unique Winds of Change and Hushed Syrinx Trials Exotic Ship.
• Chance to get unique Resurrection’s Guide, Paradigm Shift and Falcon’s Chase Trials Exotic Sparrows.
• All extra rewards received during the boost (depends on your luck) will be yours.

• Destiny 2 Lightfall
• 25000 Glimmer to buy any Trials ticket
• 1810+ Power level without Artifact (if lower, add the relevant option)
• For Confidence Passage and Guardian of the Lighthouse previously completed Flawless required (add Mercy Passage Option, if needed)

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Playing Trials of Osiris sometimes is really exhausting. It is not for nothing that many players call Trials of Osiris — the True Ranked Mode of Destiny 2. Guardians worldwide fight for the top loot and the desire to get the coolest adept weapons, so only the most hardcore PVP players go to ToO. You need to prepare well for the Trials of Osiris Flawless run, as having the best armor and guns is the only way to survive there.

Are you ready for this PvP mode, but do you want to get loot from there? Then WowVendor’s professionals are entirely at your service because we are prepared for any difficulties!

Why Do You Need a Trials of Osiris Flawless Boost?

  • It Saves Time

Trials of Osiris is not a simple picnic with friends with easy-peasy shooting other players like in Crucible. Here you find yourself in the most infernal arena with the Guardians, who have experienced it all hundreds and thousands of times. Therefore, they have the best equipment to deal with the enemy efficiently and know maps like the back of their hand.

Thanks to Trials Flawless carries, our team helps you save time on endless attempts to win and farm loot to defeat the Guardians somehow. Just a couple of days, and you will be granted flawless ToO!

  • No Need to Search Teammates

Speaking of Crucible, this weekly mode also allows you to take to the battlefield with random players. The main problem is that random players often fail you by playing worse than the opposite team. Thus there is practically no point in hoping for flawless wins.

Finding good teammates is always tricky, but WowVendor offers you the perfect solution: the Sherpa service. Choosing our Trials of Osiris flawless carry, we provide an opportunity to play all these matches with pro players. The good thing is that they will not let you down in any possible situation. They can also teach you some tricks and give you advice on how to play better in PvP.

  • No Experience Needed

Great armor, excellent loadout, and good experience in PvP as a whole play a significant role here. If you need to improve in one of these three aspects, then there is a high probability of defeat during these seven battles. Luckily for you, with the Recovery service, we are ready to go through all the matches for you, and we promise to win in any case. 

Don’t worry. Among all the sites that provide Destiny 2 flawless boost to players, WowVendor provides the highest quality services.

  • Get Your Adept Guns

Players often go to Trials to get the best adept guns in the game. That’s a fact. Someone wants to farm out the unsurpassed hand cannon Exalted Truth, and shotguns lovers are salivating from The Inquisitor. Still, each season has its own guns, and only the developers know what awaits us in the future. Still, despite this, Trials of Osiris never disappoints with its loot. That is why we help not only with its passage but also with the rewards that drop after. Another reason for choosing our Destiny 2 flawless boosting is that everything we got during battles on your account is yours.

  • Easy REP and EXP Farm

While we are playing on your account, the reputation for ranks and experience for Season Pass keeps increasing. It is helpful because, with each rank, you get a Trials engram with cool loot, as in the case of the Season Pass. In addition, after our Destiny 2 flawless carry, you will be able to boast to your friends how high your rank is and how quickly all this is farmed. WowVendor frees you from endless farming, and this is definitely a big plus. The main thing is not to get used to such a great life.

  • Additional Services

When you buy Trials of Osiris flawless run, we offer a wide range of additional services. For example, we can do Express Completion if you want to get us to work immediately and finish everything as quickly as possible, taking all the loot for the week. Unlike other service-providers, our professionals can also help you beat ToO if your power level is lower than 1590 and offer a live stream so that you know everything goes fine. Everything is possible and not only that.

In addition, we suggest you choose the passage with which our boosters will play for you or with you — Mercy or Confidence. We advise you to pay attention to such a unique service as seven wins after Flawless. Once the Trials flawless pool is active, our team is ready to win matches for the chance of earning more Adept Weapons for you.

WowVendor is ready to fulfill even your unique requests if any, but most of this you can find in the Trials of Osiris tab.

Fast and Affordable ToO Boosting at WowVendor

So many tries, so many hours, and so many wasted nerves in Trials of Osiris.

We are a prevalent choice for Guardians as we offer the most affordable and blazingly fast Destiny 2 boost. That is why many people choose Trials of Osiris flawless boost from WowVendor professionals. A considerable number of reviews, a large selection of services, employees whom we thoroughly verify, reasonable prices, and many other things that will not disappoint you.

In addition to all of the above, we are ready to provide separately special services, for example:

Trials of Osiris Unlocking Quest

Before heading to ToO, you must go through the not-so-simple Entry Pending Quest. Bad news for some of you, but we just offer help with its passage in the shortest possible time. After all, any player at some point in his virtual life will want wholeheartedly to participate in Trials, and that is your best chance to make it here. Give us a few days, and you’ll be ready to roll out on the arena.

Trials of Osiris Full Armor Set Boost

While Trials of Osiris flawless boosting is a really cool thing, we can’t promise you a full armor set there. To do this, we have a separate service that helps you out at this moment. You will have to endure a certain number of days. After that, you will be able to wear the most fashionable and powerful armor in Destiny 2. Just choose the right platform and the things you need, and after payment, we get to work. Trust us, you will be the envy of many Guardians, and you will save much time.

Trials of Osiris Flawless Seal Boost

Only around 6% of the player base has this seal, and we can help you get it! From all ranges of Destiny flawless carries, this one can make you prestigious, and Guardians will constantly envy you. WowVendor will take about six weeks to complete all triumphs, and during this time, we will farm you a lot of experience and loot. In addition, we can achieve particular triumphs that you need. We can even make seven or more victories during this order!


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