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By buying one of the packs in this service you will get the desired amount of WoW gold on your Dragonflight server. The gold will be sent to you via in-game mail.



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Gold remains one of the most crucial currencies in WoW to this day — updated professions, rare mounts, consumables and other forms of gold-sinks require you to always have some coins on yourself. However, gold-farming is a tedious and time-consuming process, that leaves you with no spare time to simply enjoy the game in raids, dungeons or battlegrounds. It is your call, if you want to always have enough gold to suit your needs, or to actually play the game and be heartbroken every time you go to AH to buy potions for your next raid. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

With WowVendor you can easily secure yourself a decent amount of shiny gold, that will go a long way in helping you on your adventures.

WowVendor offers a unique gold-buying experience, where it doesn’t matter what server or faction you play. The currency is sent to you via in-game mail, so you don’t have to pick a time to trade face-to-face. All packs contain hand-farmed gold from a team of PRO players, making the purchase 100% safe.


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The epic 9th expansion of the world-famous WoW game series, Dragonflight launched in November 2022 and delivered one of the most-awaited releases in the franchise.

It hasn’t been long since the release, and Dragonflight is still in its early stages, meaning it’ll get plenty of new patches to treat us players to fresh content and give us new heights to climb. To keep up with all the game’s updates, you need to keep upgrading your characters, but to do so, you need to get WoW gold — like, tons of gold, if you really want to enjoy the game to the fullest and do the most challenging content. Spending gold and playing WoW basically go hand-in-hand, but why exactly is gold so vital?

Why Do You Need Gold in Dragonflight?

Gold is by far the most important money resource in the in-game economy. Acting as the main currency, it pays for all major character enhancements and gear upgrades. Rare pets, skill level-ups, food, repairs — all of it is bought with gold, too. You also need this currency to fund your crafting endeavors and profession progression, along with riding and flying skills. 

It’s impossible to imagine PvE endgame without proper gold investment: to get raid-ready and tackle the most hardcore content, you need to gear up and enhance your character’s powers, and that, in turn, requires gold. What’s more, even your WoW subscription can now be paid for with gold! That’s why players are constantly on the lookout for cheap WoW gold and the easiest ways to get it. It’s a real gold rush, taking all realms by storm and pushing all players to grind and farm non-stop. So, how can you earn those shiny little coins everyone’s so crazy about?

How to Get Gold

There are plenty of ways to gain gold in DF. First and foremost, it’s earned by simply playing the game, but sadly the drops are extremely scarce, which makes the farming process very slow and tiresome. It can go on for months unless you farm every day for hours and hours on end, and even if you do, you still won’t get rich overnight. Yeah, to earn loads of gold, you must farm activities: raids, dungeons, quests, and also reputation. Other than that, you can spend real-life money on WoW tokens that are easily auctioned off for gold, but the exchange rate varies depending on many factors, so it might not be in your favor at all.

The auction house plays a great role in the gold-making business. There’s no World of Warcraft gold for sale as standalone lots, but gold is earned by selling other valuable goods, like legendary pieces, flasks, and crafted items. Most of the time you’ll need to take on and level up crafting and gathering professions to sell the stuff you make, but you may also try item flipping. Flipping means buying and then reselling items for more gold than you bought them for. It sounds very simple, but in fact, the profit is not really tangible: to make a sufficient amount of gold with item flipping, you have to be a real trading expert or just basically live at the auction, buying and reselling stuff round the clock. 

If you follow any popular WoW streamers or content makers, you can take part in their gold giveaways, but this is a game of pure luck and the chances of winning are very low. Speaking of chances, you can also try and buy WoW Dragonflight gold off of other players, but with this one, you have to be extra careful. Unless the person you buy from is recommended to you by someone you know well, the risk of running into an untrustworthy World of Warcraft gold seller is very high, so it’s better to avoid such suspicious offers and look for something more reliable.

As you can see, there are lots of methods to get some coins on your EU account — from grinding your butt off to buying WoW gold online — but only one way is the fastest, the safest, and the most profitable. It’s the WowVendor way.

Buying WoW Gold at WowVendor

If you’re looking where to buy WoW gold, WowVendor is by far the best place to turn to, based on reliability, pricing, and safety. We have the lowest World of Warcraft gold prices on the market, and with our regular sales, you can get a juicy discount to cut the price down even more. We offer a variety of payment options, and no matter which one you choose — Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal — buying WoW gold on our website comes with no extra fees and doesn’t involve any risks whatsoever, as all transactions are secured with the SSL protocol. 

When you buy WoW gold, fast delivery is key. That’s why our pro players always have billions of gold stashed, waiting to be sent to your account in a matter of mere hours from the moment you place your order on the website. How will you receive your gold? Well, there are three delivery methods:

  • auction (putting an item on the auction to sell it for the amount of the purchased WoW gold)
  • player-to-player trade (meeting at a safe location to exchange a random item for the amount of gold you’ve purchased)
  • mailbox (the amount of gold you’ve purchased is simply sent as mail straight to your character)

Currently, our main delivery method is in-game mail: it’s the easiest one, and the transaction can go through even if the receiver is offline. When the WoW gold service is delivered via mail, we don’t need to bother with auction lots or schedule a face-to-face trade with our booster for you: the gold is just dropped at your mailbox and you’re free to use it whenever and however you like. 

Get Wealthy in Dragonflight with WowVendor

With dozens of websites WoW gold is sold at, we are the safest and most reliable of them all, boasting the highest level of service and top-notch reputation, not to mention years of experience on the boosting and in-game currency markets. According to 1,000+ players, WowVendor is the best place to buy WoW gold and get boosted in the game! Go see for yourself and check out our Trustpilot page: excellent reviews from happy customers speak volumes.

Forget about the long and arduous grind! Stop counting every coin you spend — buy and upgrade whatever you want without any limits at all. Always wanted to get that super expensive mount, or finally invest in maxing your character out? There’s no need to put it off anymore; no need to wait and save up for that one special thing. If you buy WoW Retail gold from us, you’ll be able to afford everything your gaming heart desires and have a real blast playing Dragonflight. With WowVendor gold boosts, your journey to riches will be much more pleasant and less time-consuming, so don’t be shy to grab a bunch of our hot offers and dive into Dragonflight with pockets full of gold!

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