3 Steps to Get the Fire Owl Spirit Beast Pet Nah’Qi

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Get the spirit beast pet Nah’qi in only three steps!

3 Steps to Get the Fire Owl Spirit Beast Pet Nah'Qi

Key Takeaways

  • You can’t turn Nah’qi into a sheep and tame it anymore.
  • Get Cinder of Companionship.
  • Engage Nah’qi mid-air, land on Amirdrassil’s root at coordinates [54.50, 64.93] to prevent it from returning to its initial position.
  • Tame it.

Are you a spirit beast collector? Chances are you’re familiar with getting the Fire Owl Nah’qi by temporarily transforming it into a sheep. Unfortunately, Blizzard has addressed this loophole in a recent update. They also took away the pet from those who obtained it through this unorthodox means. And so, we have decided to make this guide to bring the Flaming Somnowl back into your care.

How to Get the Spirit Beast Nah’Qi

Where Is Nah’Qi

(Nah’qi route)

The Flaming Somnowl Nah’qi can be found soaring at an impressive height around the trunk of Amirdrassil. It takes said bird about 17 minutes and 30 seconds to complete its flight route around the tree. Nah’qi doesn’t drop any valuable loot, so taking it down won’t do you much good. The hunt for this creature is purely to enrich your pet collection.

Nah’Qi Respawn Time

The Somnowl Nah’qi respawns 30 minutes after being defeated.

3 Steps to Get the Spirit Beast Pet Fire Owl Nah’Qi

  1. Get the Cinder of Companionship. Currently, the exact location to obtain this item remains a mystery. Speculations abound that it may be a reward for acquiring the Anu’relos Flame’s Guidance mount from the Mythic Fyrakk. After all, the Druids will receive the Feather of the Blazing Somnowl doing so. And so, Hunters likely follow a similar process to get the Cinder of Companionship. We will update this article as soon as there is new information, so stay tuned!
  2. Closing up the distance. Nah’qi pursues its target for only 100 meters after entering combat. However, it flies at a height of 300 meters from the ground. It’s recommended to engage the creature mid-air and then land on the root of Amirdrassil at coordinates [54.50, 64.93]. This strategic spot prevents the Somnowl from immediately returning to its initial location. Consider using tools like a Goblin Glider Kit for a controlled landing.
  3. Tame Nah’qi.

And that’s everything you need to do to tame the Fire Owl Spirit Beast Pet Nah’qi. However, it’s important to note that you must get the Cinder of Companionship for the rest of the steps to work. We will likely learn the method of obtaining this item shortly after the conclusion of the Amirdrassil Race to World First. It won’t be long. Guilds are currently pressing the penultimate boss before Fyrakk, Tindral. So, the revelation is imminent. For those eager to witness the unfolding action firsthand, feel free to tune in here:

Live Coverage: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope RWF 2023

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