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Are you ready to face the ultimate challenge in Diablo 4? Brace yourself for Echo of Lilith, the pinnacle of difficulty and the toughest boss encounter in the game!

The Uber Lilith boss fight pushes the boundaries of your abilities, demanding precise execution, highly-optimized builds, and powerful tactics to emerge victorious. But fear not! WowVendor is here to ensure a smooth and efficient completion, allowing you to enjoy a fast and stress-free victory over the most difficult boss in Diablo 4.

Buy your Echo of Lilith boost now and let us pave the way for your triumph and the bountiful treasures that come with it!

• Standard – 12-24 hours
• Express – 1-8 hours

• Live-streaming of the service is available as an additional option
• World Tier 3 (Nightmare) + World Tier 4 (Torment) unlock is available as an additional option
• Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon completion is available as an additional option

Unfortunately, to get the achievement and title, you’ll need to defeat Uber Lilith while Solo, therefore it is available as an additional option.
Defeating Uber Lilith while solo requires a very prepared character with optimized build and gear. ontact our Customer Service before purchasing this option to assess your character.

• The Echo of Lilith boss defeated
Bloody Liquid Steed mount
• A chance to get Legendary items
• All the loot and resources obtained during the boost are yours to keep

• Level 70+ character
• World Tier 4 unlocked



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What our Customers Say

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Recovery- Trials of Osiris
Recovery- Trials of Osiris Good job every time. Sherpa- I would recommend that you have some skill due to the competitive nature of trials, It can be done but it’s tough. Pro tip, stay alive to revive them and provide support.
quick, professional, and easy
professional, fast and easy heroic fyrakk! very patient and kind customer service!! 10/10 for everything, highly recommend using this service :)
Boost was efficiently done!
Boost was efficiently done!! Thank you!!!
Amazing service!
Always an enjoyable experience! I keep coming back for a reason. The customer service is top tier!!
Clean, Clear and Quick.
Clean, Clear communication about what to do leading up to the raid. Simple Process and felt safe. I ordered the Heroic Fyrakk run, was quick and easily done with no fuss.
As usual they are awesome and extremely…
As usual they are awesome and extremely fast! Thank you!
Worth it.
The run was flawless, the communication between customer services and the price was right. Will buy from again.
Very prompt and on time. Team provided clear instructions and got me into a raid within 30 minutes. The whole experience from order to completion took 1 hour. I came back at the end of the season and realized I was going to miss out on a mount cosmetic that I just couldn't live without and didn't have time to gear up for and they saved the day! Super legit, definitely would recommend this to anyone!
Sexy af sexy af
Sexy af sexy af
Defeated boss fast with no issues!!!
Defeated boss fast with no issues!!!
Professional runs with awesome boosters
very good team :)
very good team :)
Quick and fast service!!
Quick and fast service!!
Communication is always perfect
Communication is always perfect, questions and concerns are addressed quick.
Full HC clear
Easy in and out, Full HC in an hour with no wipes. For £10 (end of season) saved me a bunch of time and gold if i was to do it the "legit" way.
As always
As always, they did that the say. Im happy
Everyone was helpful and very quick
Everyone was helpful and very quick
Highly recommended
Great communication, simple and quick. Highly recommended.
Always trustworthy and professional
Always trustworthy and professional
Very professional things were handled…
Very professional things were handled as agreed-upon and Dan promptly. It was a great experience.
Review about Heroic raid service.
That's was awesome experience for me cause for the first time using a raid carries, otherwise great service, would recommend for my friends later then.
5/5 quality service
5/5 quality service, highly recommend
Fast and professional
Fast and professional

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 28,419 reviews

What Is Echo of Lilith?

Echo of Lilith is a level 100 Uber boss in Diablo 4 unlocked upon reaching World Tier 4. Residing deep within the Echo of Hatred, Uber Lilith is unmatched in strength and ferocity, with her immense power and formidable abilities making her exceptionally hard to kill. The Echo of Lilith encounter is regarded as the most challenging battle in Diablo 4, designed to test even the most seasoned adventurers to their limits.

What Rewards Will You Get for Defeating Uber Lilith?

Defeating the formidable Uber Lilith is not an easy feat, but the rewards that await you are truly worth the challenge.
As a testament to your immense skill and dedication, you’ll be granted the highly-prestigious Lilith’s Doom title and the End of the First Mother achievement. On top of that, Uber Lilith drops the Reins of the Bloody Liquid Steed item which allows you to add the fantastic Bloody Liquid Steed mount to your collection. The encounter is also rich in high-tier gear drops and valuable resources, so you’re guaranteed to loot rare and powerful items to enhance your character for future adventures.

Why Choose Echo of Lilith Boost from WowVendor?

Defeating Uber Lilith is a monumental challenge, one that not every player can take on. But with WowVendor’s Echo of Lilith boost, you can experience a fast and easy victory without the stress and frustration of countless attempts.
Our Diablo 4 pro players possess the expertise and knowledge to tackle any boss in the game. With their vast experience and exceptional skill, you can rest assured that your journey to defeat Uber Lilith will be as smooth and effective as possible.
To cater to your preferences, we offer the flexibility to choose between account sharing or selfplay for your Echo of Lilith defeat service. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or want our experts to handle the encounter on your behalf, we have you covered. You can also tailor your boost to your specific needs by customizing it with a range of additional options.
Conquer Echo of Lilith with our dedicated team by your side, pushing the boundaries of your skills and achieving unparalleled triumph in Diablo 4!

Online support 24/7

  • Average response time is under 5 minutes
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Professional, friendly, and non-toxic communication