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By buying this service, we will complete the Pantheon challenge in Destiny 2. In order to complete it, we will finish all encounters and defeat the final boss.

The Destiny 2 Pantheon is a new Raid challenge mode, in which Guardians have to confront the past and defeat bosses from various Raids. On April 30, players will face four bosses at normal difficulty, but the number of encounters and difficulty will increase each week until May 21, in which the final Challenge will be with -20 Light and eight encounters to complete. If you manage to overcome the Pantheon in Destiny 2 every week, you will gain access not only to unique emblems and adept with Exotic weapons from other Raids but also to the Godslayer title.

Struggling to assemble a good and reliable team for such a challenging activity, especially using LFG, is a common issue. Our service is designed to save you time and effort by accompanying you through each weekly Challenge. With the best D2 players from WowVendor, you can rest assured that everything will be done on schedule and quickly, without any worries about finding a reliable team!

Attention! The Pantheon is a limited-time activity, which will end on June 3. Therefore, we strongly advise completing it as soon as possible to secure all the best Raid rewards before they’re gone.


  • Standard: 24-48 Hours
  • Express: 1-24 Hours

Options available:
There are 2 types of boost offered: Recovery or Sherpa
• In case of Recovery, we’ll play on your account for you
• Choose Sherpa option, if you’d like to join our pro-teams to carry you through the activity

Choose Pantheon Challenge To Complete: Atraks Sovereign (Week 1) / Oryx Exalted (Week 2) / Rhulk Indomitable (Week 3) / Nezarec Sublime (Week 4) / All Four Challenges (10% OFF)
Choose Pantheon Reward from the Divine Weaponry quest (if you completed it, then pick “No Reward” option)
• Choose Platinum Score option to earn even greater rewards, such as Adept weapons
• Pick Live Stream option if you want to see professionals in action

• Shaxx reputation
• Unique Pantheon emblem from this week
• Random Raid gear, including weapons, armor, adepts
• Raid Exotic Weapon (only from Divine Weaponry quest)
• Lots of Glimmer and Upgrade Materials
• Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
• All other rewards and resources that may drop during the run

• 1810+ Power Level
• Pick the desired reward or no reward if you completed the quest(s)


What exotic weapons can I get from Pantheon Raid?

The first week’s quest gives you a choice of:

  • Eyes of Tomorrow
  • Touch of Malice

In the third week, a second quest will appear, giving additional choices in the form of the following weapons:

  • Collective Obligation
  • Conditional Finality
  • One Thousand Voices
What legendary weapons can I get from Pantheon?

You can get Legendary weapons from Raids such as King’s Fall, Vow of the Disciple, Deep Stone Crypt and Root of Nightmares. Full list of all weapons in the Pantheon:

  • Acasia’s Rejection, Trace Rifle
  • Rufus’s Fury, Assault Rifle
  • Mykel’s Reverence, Sidearm
  • Nessa’s Oblation, Shotgun
  • Briar’s Contempt, Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Koraxis’s Distress, Grenade Launcher
  • Bequest, Sword
  • Posterity, Hand Cannon
  • Trustee, Scout Rifle
  • Succession, Sniper Rifle
  • Commemoration, Machine Gun
  • Heritage, Shotgun
  • Smite of Merain, Pulse Rifle
  • Doom of Chelchis, Scout Rifle
  • Zaouli’s Bane, Hand Cannon
  • Midha’s Reckoning, Fusion Rifle
  • Defiance of Yasmin, Sniper Rifle
  • Qullim’s Terminus, Machine Gun
  • Submission, SMG
  • Deliverance, Fusion Rifle
  • Cataclysmic, Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Insidious, Pulse Rifle
  • Forbearance, Wave Frame Grenade Launcher
  • Lubrae’s Ruin, Glaive
What are the bosses in Pantheon?

There are only four difficulties in Pantheon, with the lowest having only four bosses and the highest having eight bosses. Here is a list of bosses for each difficulty:

  • Atraks Sovereign: Golgoroth, The Caretaker, Zo’aurc, Atraks-1
  • Oryx Exalted: Golgoroth, The Caretaker, Zo’aurc, Atraks-1, Oryx
  • Rhulk Indomitable: Golgoroth, The Caretaker, Zo’aurc, Atraks-1, Oryx, Rhulk
  • Nezarec Sublime: Golgoroth, The Caretaker, Zo’aurc, Atraks-1, Oryx, Rhulk, Riven, Nezarec
Is Pantheon Carry a safe service?

Yes, we provide a secure service that does not put your account at risk. Wowvendor’s players play legally without using third-party programs. You can verify this by reading reviews from other buyers or watching a live stream of this activity.

Where is the best place to buy Pantheon boost?

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