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By buying this service, you will get the desired Destiny 2 Into the Light Weapons (Brave Arsenal Weapons) in your collection. In order to obtain the desired weapons, your Guardian will complete Arcite quests and Onlsaught waves led by professionals!

These legendary Into the Light weapons are the best Bungie has ever released for both PvP and PvE. A lot of these Brave Arsenal guns have unique archetypes and powerful perks that will help make your build even more powerful. Each weapon is incredibly useful in certain situations and has huge damage potential!

You have the option to pick one weapon of your choice and decide how many copies you need to obtain the perfect god roll with a great discount. Additionally, you can acquire limited-edition Into the Light weapon versions before The Final Shape release, which include a rare ornament and two perks in the third and fourth columns.


  • Standard: 1-4 Days
  • Express: 1-24 Hours

Available Options:
Choose What Kind of Into the Light Weapon to get: Specific, Random, or Limited Edition Weapon
Choose the amount of weapon drops. The more drops you choose, the cheaper you get them!
• Pick Live Stream option if you want to see professionals in action

• Desired Destiny 2 Brave Arsenal Weapon(s) Acquired
• Random Into the Light gear drops
• Lots of Glimmer and Upgrade Materials
• Shaxx reputation
• Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
• All other rewards and resources that may drop during the service

All the Available Into the Light Weapons:
• The Recluse, Submachine Gun
• Edge Transit, Heavy Grenade Launcher
• Falling Guillotine, Sword
• Hung Jury SR4, Scout Rifle
• Elsie’s Rifle, Pulse Rifle
• Succession, Sniper Rifle
• The Mountaintop, Special Grenade Launcher
• Midnight Coup, Hand Cannon
• Luna’s Howl, Hand Cannon
• Forbearance, Special Grenade Launcher
• Hammerhead, Heavy Machine Gun
• Blast Furnace, Pulse Rifle

• Recovery, we’ll play on your account for you
• 1810+ Power Level


Why can't I get all Into the Light weapons now?

Bungie has decided to stretch out the process of obtaining Brave Arsenal weapons, due to which some of them will not become available to earn until a week or more later.

When will all Brave Arsenal weapons be available?

All Into the Light guns will become available on April 30.

What are Limited-Edition Weapons in Destiny 2?

Limited-edition weapons can be obtained from Arcite and randomly in Onslaught activities. These weapons have two additional perks in the third and fourth columns, making them unique. Additionally, they come with a special Ornament that shows the rarity of your weapon. Unfortunately, limited-edition weapons are only available until The Final Shape is released, so you’ll have to act fast to get your hands on them!


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