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Vexcalibur Catalysts Boost

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By buying this service, you will get the catalyst for your Vexcalibur. Catalysts are in-game items that are meant to enhance Exotic weapons, giving them new unique, powerful perks.

As a result, you will get up to three additional perks for your Vexcalibur weapon, making it even more powerful:
Immovable Refit: Dealing ranged damage grants increased weapon energy while you’re stationary with your shield raised
Robber Refit: Melee final blows reload this weapon’s magazine from reserves
Feedback Refit: Blocking damage partially reloads this weapon from reserves

ETA: Standard: 48-72 hours/ Express: 1-36 hours

Options available:
Recovery (we’ll play your account) or Sherpa (you play with our team)

I don’t have Vexcalibur Exotic – pick this option, if you don’t have Vexcalibur Exotic yet and would like to get it

Catalyst options:
• One random perk: Immovable Refit, Robber Refit, or Feedback Refit
• All Catalyst Perks Unlock: with this option added, we’ll farm for all three Catalysts for this weapon to get you all perk options.

• Catalysts for your Vexcalibur, Exotic Glaive
• Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
• All items and resources that may drop during the service

• Vexcalibur, Exotic Glaive (if you don’t have one, pick the corresponding checkbox)
• Access to the Node.OVRD.Avalon Exotic Mission
• 1780+ Power Level


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    Select preferred options and place an order. Don't hesitate to chat with our sales & service agents to discuss your order details beforehand. You can also ask for a custom order tailored to your personal needs.

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    Join our discord server or choose any other convenient messenger to confirm your order details and preferences. Then we can assign the best booster to fit your schedule, goals, and any other requirements.

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    Your carry will be started at the appointed time. For the sherpa boosts, it's up to you to take part in the activity or to stay AFK and chill. For the recovery boosts, you can always ask for a stream to keep an eye on the process.

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    You will get a notification after your order is finished. Now you may check your order and confirm that the service is fully completed. If anything goes sideways, our service team will help you at any step of the process, 24/7.

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    This is the best part — you can finally enjoy your brand new rewards, top rating or shiny loot! And don't forget to rate us on TrustPilot so we can further improve our services.



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These folks are actually very legit
These folks are actually very legit and everything felt incredibly professional. I don't really have friends that I play WoW with and each season I miss out on experiencing the raids and mythic dungeons. I always fall behind and its unmotivating at times to keep playing. This season I finally decided to give these guys a try and I'm glad I did. It kinda felt like "paid friendship" but what can you do lol. I tried an Awakened Heroic Raid and the bulk order of 4x Mythic 8 dungeon runs. All of the above happened fast. These guys blasted through the raid and I didn't even have to worry about mechanics. When it came to the mythic, they never let me die and were very helpful in showing the paths and took care of the boss fights. It almost makes you feel useless haha. But it was fun to join in and see the fights and mechanics. I didn't really purchase these to "cheat" or feel like I needed to be better than everyone. I simply just wanted to see what the end-game really felt like and they made it easy and fun. I'll most likely do this once or twice every season. For anyone worried or wondering about gear: I did not purchase any package upgrades. Out of the Awakened Heroic Raid I got 3 pieces that were 506+ iLvl. Then during the 4x M+8 runs I didn't successfully loot anything but the runners were so chill that they gave me every plate item that dropped and I walked away with 5 more pieces. So all in all I got to experience stuff I normally wouldn't and I took my iLvL from 478 to 502 in a day. Solid experience.
resurrect me
resurrect me
Nice and smooth run!
Nice and smooth run!