Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Boost

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By buying this service you will get the New Season of the Seraph Spire of the Watcher Dungeon completed on the Legend Difficulty. Get new unique dungeon loot, armor, weapons, and resources. While the Dungeons experience is quite interesting, some of its mechanics might be repetitive and boring. We at Wowvendor have got you covered: if you want to spare your time, but still be among the first, our pros will grant that to you.


  • Standard: 36-72 Hours
  • Express: 1-24 Hours
  • Super Express: 1-12 Hours
  • Solo Completion: 5 Days
  • Solo Flawless Completion: 7 Days

Options available:
There are 2 types of boost offered: Recovery or Sherpa
• In case of Recovery, we’ll play on your account for you
• Choose Sherpa option, if you’d like to join our pro-teams to carry you through the activity

Additional options:
• Select the Solo Completion option (Recovery only) if you want to complete the Dungeon Solo without Flawless.
Solo Flawless Completion (Recovery only) — is a very challenging experience: going Solo into the 3-man activity is hard as it is. Completing the whole dungeon with zero deaths — Flawless — is even more testing. With this option, you’ll get S23 Dungeon finished Solo and Flawlessly for you within a week after the release, with high priority. As a reward, you’ll receive an exclusive emblem, which less than 1% of players have.
Attention! Express options are unavailable with Solo Completion or Solo Flawless Completion option.
• The Dungeon has some secret chests, and if you’d like to get some additional rewards to pick the corresponding option
Hierarchy of Need Exotic Obtain — if you’d like to get the Exotic pick this checkbox. We’ll defeat the Last Boss of the SotW Dungeon on your every Guardian x1 time every week, until the Hierarchy of Need drops. Attention! Hierarchy of Need is a random drop.
Devil in the Details Triumph — we’ll find all devilish recording in the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon for the Devil in the Details Triumph. As a result you’ll get an increased chance of the Hierarchy of Need Exotic drop.
Same Class Run (Guardian Games-tied) offers you Diamond Raider Card completion with Games Mememnto as a reward

• Chance to get Hierarchy of Need Exotic Energy Bow
• Pinnacle Legendary dungeon rewards drops(RNG based)
• Unique Armor and Weapon drops (RNG based)
• Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact level
• All other rewards and resources that may drop during the run

• Access to the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon
• 1600+ Power Level

Here’s what waits inside:


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    Select preferred options and place an order. Don't hesitate to chat with our sales & service agents to discuss your order details beforehand. You can also ask for a custom order tailored to your personal needs.

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    Join our discord server or choose any other convenient messenger to confirm your order details and preferences. Then we can assign the best booster to fit your schedule, goals, and any other requirements.

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    Your carry will be started at the appointed time. For the sherpa boosts, it's up to you to take part in the activity or to stay AFK and chill. For the recovery boosts, you can always ask for a stream to keep an eye on the process.

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    You will get a notification after your order is finished. Now you may check your order and confirm that the service is fully completed. If anything goes sideways, our service team will help you at any step of the process, 24/7.

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    This is the best part — you can finally enjoy your brand new rewards, top rating or shiny loot! And don't forget to rate us on TrustPilot so we can further improve our services.

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Great run! Thank you very much
Excellent service was quick and easy to…
Excellent service was quick and easy to deal with had no issues whatsoever. Would recommend.
10/10 from start to finish
Not only is their customer service absolutely amazing, but their services are fast and they’re extremely flexible and will work with you if you’re having trouble with timing, schedule, etc. I’ve had to reschedule a few times due to outside circumstances and they’ve been extremely helpful arranging accommodations. This hasn’t been my first time using their services but it’s my first time writing a review for them. Would 100% recommend.
HC Fyrakk/AotC
Smooth. Dmed someone advertising in services chat, contact on discord & payment (45k gold) processed in <10minutes, service provided 1h later.
Great and fast work
Great and fast work, no issues with anything.
Great professional service
Great professional service
Use them often enough!
Have used their services quite a few times now. Always smooth sailing, professional. I reccomend them for sure, thanks so much!
smooth run
smooth run resses :D received summons when lost inside raid, priest pulled me a couple of times to a safer place during the boss fights :P overall good exp
Great experience every time.
Always fast and efficient.
Very knowledgeable group at WowVendor.
Couldn't ask for a better group of boosters at this place. They know what to do and get it done quickly. I have used them before and have never been disappointed.
Run went smooth and price was fair
Run went smooth and price was fair
Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Heroic
Once again, thanks for the flawless Heroic run.
Exactly what you'd expect
Every time, the experience is what you'd expect it to be.
Excellent service excellent price…
Excellent service excellent price excellent run five star customer service simply brilliant
Quick and on time
Quick and on time. Thank you
As always
As always. They come through and I get what I ordered. Never any problems. Awesome group of people.
Great service
Great service. Easy to set-up. Straightforward. Will use service again!
Much good
Much good?!
Excellent service!
Excellent service, super quickly I got a trials carry in less than a hour. Definitely I recommend the service.
No matter what the skill level of the game, they make it happen for you.
Like that it was fast. They explained if I needed to wait or I could continue to be involved. Not caring on how many times I died to the content.
Really good just straight to the point…
Really good just straight to the point amazing service and great prices
it was amazingly fast!!
it was amazingly fast, higly reccomended👍
I have been using these guys services…
I have been using these guys services for so long I can’t even remember when I started. I even started doing account sharing in the last year and have had zero issues. These guys are fantastic.
Great customer service
Great customer service. I used this service before, and they are legit. I asked for recommendations on how to save money and were kind enough to give me coupons which was nice. Service is quite fair and would recommend this site to any of their features. Thanks again Wowvendor!!!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 28,384 reviews

Six months after the release of the last dungeon, Bungie, with the new season, delighted the players with a new difficult mission to complete — Spire of the Watcher. Fans of PvE activities are already rubbing their hands and getting ready to farm a new exotic bow. Our boosters from WowVendor are getting prepared for quick runs and will help you!

Ready to go to the new dungeon and get some cowboy armor, my friend?


It saves time 

The first players will spend days running and exploring all the content, solving local mysteries, and trying to defeat the bosses. It could be fun for a while, but you just might not have enough time to wait or even figure out how to get through the dungeon. Our professionals will be able to go through everything for you in a couple of days, knock out the desired items, and you will not have to worry about wasting time. Simply buy Spire of the Watcher boost and enjoy the rewards!

No experience needed

You don’t have to spend days preparing for a dungeon and asking your friends to explain how it works. By purchasing our service, we can immediately get down to business without a mission debrief. Take a good loadout, and we can go with you if you choose the sherpa option. If you select the recovery option, we can beat the dungeon on your account without your need to participate. You can even watch streams from our boosters because our Spire of the Watcher carry services allows you even that.

No LFG needed

Many players have to go through dungeons and raids in the company of random players from LFG. Sometimes these players will ruin the run by constantly dying or simply dropping out of combat in the middle of a mission. For this reason, many choose WowVendor, because our pro players will run through the dungeon in a matter of minutes, get much loot for you, and simultaneously have a friendly chat with you during it.

Big bags full of loot just for you

By purchasing this service, you will definitely point out that our boosters will not only pass a new dungeon, but they will also save you time on farming and take a bunch of different loot from the mission. That is one of the main advantages of Spire of the Watcher boosting services, but all the dropped loot is RNG-based. For you, this means that we cannot guarantee that you will receive something specific, we cannot, and yet we have a separate service for this. You can buy SotW Dungeon Exotic weapons, where we promise to get this item for you no matter what.

Additional Services

Our customers can choose more than the usual passage of the dungeon. In Spire of the Watcher boosts, additional services can be selected. For example, suppose you want to get the desired guns and armor for this dungeon as quickly as possible. In that case, we recommend the express completion service. If you don’t want to go through it yourself, but it would be interesting to see the passage of our professionals, then there is a live stream service for this. Curious to know what else we offer? Check out everything at the top of the page!


Although Dungeons do not take as much time as raids, making several runs in the same activity starts to get quite tiring.

For such cases, you can choose the Recovery option, where our experienced Guardians will do all the work for you. On top of that, you can order a live stream to see how to get through the brand-new Dungeon in the most efficient way. We are also ready to provide the Sherpa option for Spire of the Watcher dungeon carry services with the most talented Destiny 2 players from NA. Because sometimes you want to learn everything from the masters and we respect this!

In addition to all of the above, we are ready to provide separately special services, for example:

  • Spire Of The Watcher dungeon weapons boost

More often than not, dungeon guns are among the best in Destiny 2, and Spire Of The Watcher is no exception. With this service, you are guaranteed to get the equipment you need with the best perks for these weapons. If you need a specific weapon, you can choose the one you want to get the most on the same page. All Legendaries and Exotics obtained during the Spire of the Watcher dungeon boost will be given to you.

  • Spire Of The Watcher dungeon seal boost

With the new Dungeon, a new seal has been added to the game, which can decorate your Guardians. However, if you don’t have time to complete tedious triumphs that can take hours or even days, then our brave Guardians will do it for you. The WowVendor team gives you the option to choose to close the Seal completely or choose specific triumphs. Сlosing specific triumphs is much more practical than sometimes buying the closure of all seals. Remember, everything obtained during the Spire of the Watcher boost remains with you.

  • Spire Of The Watcher dungeon master boost

Master Dungeons, along with Master Raids, are considered to be one of the toughest challenges in Destiny 2. Not only do you need a high Power Level to do this, but strong opponents, pesky champions, and a nasty “Match Game” modifier will keep you from getting the desired artifice armor. Don’t worry, because our team is ready to provide you with a particular Spire of the Watcher run boost, which will take place on Master difficulty.


WowVendor has been committed to providing the best Destiny 2 services for many years, working to improve and fix bugs as much as possible. For this reason, when you buy Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher carries, you do not need to worry about delays or other causes because, at the same time, we start working on your order. You can always contact our support team, which works 24/7 and will answer any question you are interested in, including about future orders or existing boosts.

Our professional players are ready to fulfill any of your orders and even complete the passage of the dungeon solo. WowVendor constantly surprises its customers, and we are ready to prove it to you with ease. Just choose Spire of the Watcher boosting service from WowVendor, and you’ll see our magic.

Online support 24/7

  • Average response time is under 5 minutes
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Professional, friendly, and non-toxic communication