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Epochal Integration Legendary Hand Cannon Boost

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By buying this service, we’ll guarantee completion of the Parting the Veil Quest, in which you get Epochal Integration, Masterworked Hand Cannon, and Third Aspect for your class.

You get Epochal Integration fully masterworked and with the following fixed perks, perfect for PvE:
Stats for All: Increases reload speed, handling, stability, and range after hitting 3 enemies
Keep Away: Boosts reload speed, range and accuracy if no enemies are within 15 meters
Incadescent: After defeating target spreads scorch to nearby enemies
Eye of the Storm: Increases handling and accuracy as your health becomes lower

ETA: 24-72 hours

• Choose Lightfall Campaign checkbox to get it fully completed
• If you need to obtain Determinstic Chaos, Winterbite, or Final Warning, you can select them in the checkboxes

• Third Strand Aspect unlocked on your character
• Epochal Integration, Hand Cannon
• A chance to get new Legendary Weapons and Armor (RNG based)
• Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact
• All other rewards and resources that may drop during the service

• Lightfall Campaign Completed
• All three Exotic Weapons from Lightfall unlocked
Recovery, we’ll play on your account for you


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