WoW Dragonflight: Cross-Faction Guild Can’t Do Queued Content

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WoW Dragonflight: No Queued Content for Cross-Faction Guilds

Just as the title says, folks. Queued content is out of the question when it comes to cross-faction guilds in WoW Dragonflight.

Cross-faction play has always been a hot request within the WoW community. And finally, the much-awaited feature is making its way to the game in Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion. The prospect of discovering their favorite world, venturing into dungeons, and engaging in epic raids has undoubtedly excited many gamers. Unfortunately, a crucial aspect of the new feature is missing. And the community isn’t thrilled about it one bit.

As it turns out, cross-faction guildmates are unable to participate in queued instance content together. Despite Blizzard’s efforts to blur the line between factions, it appears this implementation can’t fulfill what it’s expected to do. Aside from the few restrictions they have stated in their official post about the matter, it seems the game’s crucial activities aren’t ready to take in the fact that war is no longer raging on all fronts between the Alliance and the Horde. Be it dungeons or raids, it’s impossible to start the instance should there is cross-faction factors in the party. Mr. GM, a prominent WoW content creator, has shown this on his official Twitter.

Many WoW players are disappointed with this turn of events. Fans are suggesting that Mr. GM raise this issue in his upcoming interview with the game director, Ion Hazzikostas in his next interview. As the community believes that it is an essential feature that should be included with cross-faction guilds. And they are hopeful that Blizzard will address this soon.

Despite the disappointment, many believe that this is a minor setback. They are also certain that Blizzard will eventually add queued instance content for cross-faction guilds. However, said company has yet to state anything on the issue. Only time will tell if this will change in the future.

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