WoW retail in China: Bonuses, exclusive RWF prize, and more!

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More details have emerged regarding the relaunch of WoW retail in China. Chinese gamers will receive compensation, including Mists of Pandaria Remix rewards, the Plunderstorm event, and a China-exclusive The War Within Race to World First prize.

WoW retail in China: Bonuses, exclusive RWF prize, and more!

Other than WoW Classic coming back to China on June 27, NetEase’s exciting announcement revealed that the World of Warcraft retail service will soon return to China on August 1. This revival begins with The War Within pre-patch and culminates in the full expansion’s global launch on August 26. Chinese gamers will be able to catch up on all the content missed during the fallout between Blizzard and NetEase. And to add, they can compete for an exclusive official prize of ¥1,000,000 in The War Within Race to World First.

WoW retail welcome-back bonuses for Chinese players

To celebrate the relaunch of WoW in China, NetEase is offering a generous array of bonuses for returning players. These include:

WoW retail in China: Events

With less than two months until The War Within’s global launch, MoP Remix will not be accessible on Chinese servers. However, players can expect alternative ways to earn its rewards for free, and more information will come later.

The Plunderstorm Battle Royale event will also return at a later date. Currently, it is unclear if this event will be exclusive to Chinese servers or available in other regions as well.

China-exclusive: The War Within Race to World First prize

For the first time ever, Chinese raiders competing in the Race to World First in The War Within are offered an official prize. NetEase has introduced a special incentive: a ¥1,000,000 (approximately $137,500) prize exclusively for the Chinese group that achieves World First in The War Within. This prize will increase by ¥200,000 (around $27,000) for each subsequent tier.

Is this prize enough to motivate the raiders? Or even better, bring back Skyline from their retirement? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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