World of Warcraft: The Empire of Light. Next Expansion Leaked Early

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The next WoW expansion – “The Empire of Light” got leaked early and today we will go over all the new and exciting content that is coming to World of Warcraft!


All these years we’ve been told that the Light was pure and rightful power that brings judgement. A force against dark and evil. Yet, in Legion we’ve got our first glimpse of Light’s true nature. When Xe’ra, the Naaru Prime tried to forcefully forge Illidan Stormrage in the light against his will we learned that the Light is in fact relentless in its own ideas and beliefs. In the Battle for Azeroth, Horde players yet again saw the blind judgement of the Light when recruiting the Mag’Har Orcs into the Horde. Yrel had her own vision, in which Orcs were nothing but heretics to the light. She wanted them to embrace the Light or perish under it.

Now the Light sees the same heresy in all of Azeroth. Her titan soul was corrupted in Light’s eyes and now she shall be cleansed in purifying flames. Regent Lord of the Alliance – Turalyon had visions sent to him by the Light and found a way to bring Yrel’s crusade to Azeroth, while we were stopping Jailer in the Shadowlands. Now Azeroth is at brink of another war, and her heroes will have to make new allies and gather forces together in order to stop the Empire of Light from ever happening on Azeroth.

There will NOT be a new zone in Wow: The Empire of Light!

This time, the battle came to us, and not the other way around. Many old zones will be reworked to represent Light’s offense on Azeroth. You will visit Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Pandaria and even Draenor that has been desolated by the Light. Stormwind is no longer under Alliance’s control due to Turalyon taking over. Orgrimmar is destroyed by Yrel and her Lightforged in order to finally take revenge on Mag’Har that dared to oppose her. Thunder Bluff and Gnomeregan got a make-over and now are main capitals for each faction.

New Raid: Siege of Stormwind

Alliance and Horde unite under a single banner to stop self-proclaimed Emperor of Light Turalyon in captured city of Stormwind.

The raid will feature 11 bosses, with T’Paartos being the penultimate challenge for raiders.

Raid groups will be FORCED to have members of both Alliance and Horde in a raid group, otherwise all of the bosses will have a 99% damage immunity buff called “divided YOU fall”.

New Allied Races

In order to fight the light you have to look to the dark. Both the Alliance and Horde had to make some questionable allies with beings of shadow, void and corruption.

New Horde race: The Eredar

As a horde player you will have to return to Argus to find, rescue and ally with the Eredar, who lost their way after Burning Legion was defeated.

New Alliance race: The Satyr

As an alliance player you will help Night Elves make peace with their distant relatives, that been suffering ever since Xavius’s plan failed.

New class

Sometimes to fight your enemy you have to use its weapon against it, introducing the new, never-before-seen class: The Armored Priest.

Armored Priest is a unique class, due to their ability to deal holy damage, heal allies, and protect them with heavy plate armor and shields.

Armored Priest will have 3 specializations: Reckoning (DPS), Preservation (Tank) and Divine (Healing)

Armored Priest will be available for the following races:



New Race-Class combinations

With a threat so massive as a Light itself, heroes of Azeroth will have to adapt to new powers and learn from their allies.

Nightborne and Void Elves join the Demon Hunters!

Learning from their elven brethren Nightborne and Void Elves can now use fel magic.

The Tauren fully embraced the way of shadows and can now be Rogues!

Wildhammer Dwarves have united with nature enough to learn the ways of druidism and empower Alliance with another Druid force!

New Customization Options: Weight and Height

Following the trend of expanding user customization you will now be able to select weight, height and fitness of your characters!

New PvP game mode: Amidst Ourselves

You and 9 other players will be transported to a gnomish base in the rebuilding Gnomeregan, but beware, there are 2 goblins in disguise amidst yourselves. As a gnome engineer you will have to do objectives to fix the run-down base and find traitors within your ranks. As a goblin saboteur your goal is to eliminate all engineers without compromising your identity.

Patch 10.1 – “The World’s End”

Information on the first content patch for “The Empire of Light” was also leaked. Even though there’s very little information, there’s still some gems in it.

Arrival of Light forced Azeroth the Titan finish her hibernation faster and now she is waking up. The world will suffer terrible cataclysms putting the one caused by Deathwing to shame.

Azeroth awakens and she is mad. Mad at us for letting so much happen to her.

For the first time ever we are getting a new class with a content update! Meet the Bard

Bard uses an Ukulele as a main weapon and has 3 unique specializations:

Tank: Heavy Metal Enjoyer

Bard annoys bosses with loud noises, terrible vocals, and Ukulele throws, which helps to maintain aggro throughout the whole fight.

Healer: Pop Star

You are basically Justin Bieber in World of Warcraft. Your music is so touching and beautiful, that it magically heals any wounds of your teammates in no time.

Damage Dealer: Electro Enthusiast

This ranged specialization lets you wreak havoc with electric beats. Anyone who is brave enough to face you will be forced to dance until they can no longer stand on their feet.

All races with 5 fingers will have the Bard class as an option.

The true boss

There will be no new raid in 10.1. Instead, we will have a literal WORLD BOSS – Azeroth, the fuming Titan.

She will appear on the second week of patch 10.1 and will require all players across all servers to fight her simultaneously. She will have 2,147,483,647k HP. The fight is estimated to last 2 months after the initial pull. Everyone will get a legendary cloak after defeating her though, so you know it’s worth it.

Changes to mythic+ system.

Starting in 10.1 entering a mythic+ dungeon will require a tax. 5000g per player for entering. Each death will be taxed with 10,000g. Also, you’ll start getting loot only at +25 difficulty. Yes, Blizzard needs a new gold-sink, and yes, a new ludicrously expensive mount is no longer an option.

Release date

It’s great to know the exact date of release for the new expansion!

World of Warcraft: The Empire of Light will be released on 02.29.2023!

But for now, all I can do is wish you happy April fool’s day, and invite you to watch the official expansion announcement on April 19!

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