What to Do in Dragonflight before the next Major Patch

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Сongratulations, you have completed the first part of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion. Usually, the first question after completing the main quest is “what things to do before the next WoW patch?”. Late Game activities not only keep you and your character in good shape before new battles, but also give positive emotions along the way! We’ve prepared a checklist you can complete while waiting for the next big Dragonflight update.

Upgrade your dragon to the max level

Dragonriding is probably one of the best new features in the latest expansion. Flying through the clouds on the back of the dragon is the best feeling ever! To make it even more enjoyable, you should upgrade your new mount. At the maximum level, you can worry about stamina no longer and forget about other restrictions. Just swiftly pierce into the sky and enjoy the flight.

Dragon upgrading is not the same as other character improvements in the game. Special Dragon Glyphs are required to get new abilities like Restorative Travels and Beyond Infinity. Players can find these items everywhere across new locations. You must be very attentive to notice them.

But you can pick an easier path as well. Install specific Dragon Glyphs Plugin for HandyNotes addon. It will automatically mark all collectibles on your map. Just take a ride on your Dragon and get these precious items!

Commit to professions and crafting orders

Another new feature allows players to make solid preparations for the next WoW patch. By completing crafting orders you can become the best craftsman in all of Azeroth. Or get powerful equipment without the necessity of grinding at professional levels.

Find essential NPCs Clerk Scaravelle, Head Clerk Mimzy Sprazzlerock, and Clerk Silverpaw in Vadrakken. You can manage crafting orders via them. (If you are new to the feature, get the instructional quest from Azley.)

By completing various player requests, you can quickly farm large amounts of gold, upgrade profession levels, and get top gear yourself. A great way to cooperate with others, isn’t it?

Push Mythic+ keys

It is probably one of the most hardcore PvE activities you can play. Imagine a regular dungeon instance but with additional difficulty modifications. Your main goal is to beat a selected number of trash mobs and bosses within limited time.

It will not be that easy, though. Enemies deal more damage with every level of the Mythic instance. There will also be affixes — difficulty modifiers. The game turns them on during selected dungeon levels. For example, bosses can become stronger via Tyrannical, or enemies can summon dangerous whirlwinds with Storming.

Playing these instances requires Mythic Keystones. You get them after completing your first Mythic dungeon of the week. The party can visit mythics as long as someone has the resource. The higher level you complete, the more valuable gear you will find in the Great Vault at the end of the week.

Participate in open world events

There are plenty of events in the latest expansion. For example, Iskaara Community Feast allows players to cook an enormous…bowl of soup. A wonderful pre-patch activity for WoW, if you ask me. Help Chef Big Kinook, and get a powerful buff, valuable materials, and a reputation.

Conclusion: become strong to bravely face the future

The main goal of these pre-patch events is simple. They help you to get ready for the future. This is an essential aspect for the comfortable yet challenging playthrough in the next update. So follow these pre-patch tips and get the maximum from the game!

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