Stalestone Ramolith: The War Within Earthen Race Mount

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Here’s the first glimpse of the Stalestone Ramolith—the Earthen Race mount in The War Within.

Stalestone Ramolith: The War Within Earthen Race Mount Datamined

With The War Within looming on the horizon, the online community has been buzzing with a sea of datamined information. Regarding the new neutral race in TWW, Wowhead has “unearthed” details about the Earthen Heritage armor and a datamined achievement called Allied Races: Earthen Unlock Requirements outlining how to unlock them as an allied race. Yet, the revelations don’t stop there. 

Further datamining efforts continue to unveil more about the new neutral race in The War Within. Most recently, dataminers have revealed that the Earthen Race mount is none other than the Stalestone Ramolith. Birthed from robust stone blocks and adorned with shimmering moss, this majestic ram shares an aesthetic resonance with the new race. Below, you can witness the moss-covered stone ram and its magnificent horns in all its splendor: 

The War Within Earthen Race Mount Datamined

Unlike the Dracthyr race mount Vorquin, which you can purchase from Quartermaster Treysh if you play as a Dracthyr or reach Exalted with the Obsidian Warders as an Alliance or Dark Talons as a Horde, the upcoming mount based on datamined sources seems to be earned through completing the achievement for recruiting the Earthen as an Allied Race. Unfortunately, the exact unlocking process is unknown at the time of writing. So, stay tuned for updates! And check out our article here for some ideas of how you might unlock the new race in The War Within:

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