Trading Post Feature Allows You to Use Its Goods for Free

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On the PTR of Patch 10.0.5, the new Trading Post is being tested, and players are figuring out how it works. Turns out, one of the standard functions of the store allows you to use any of its products for free.

The developers have added the ability to return any product within 2 hours post-purchase. It permits the player to buy an item, have fun and then return it. Thus, in 2 hours, you are able to play with whatever you like to your heart’s content, then give it back and repurchase it. This method lets you “extend” the usage indefinitely.

This works with not only mounts and pets but also other cosmetic goodies. The mounts will need to be returned and re-bought when the time reaches its limitation. If you manage to summon a pet, it will remain with your character until you exit and re-enter the game. It’s even simpler on the side of transmog. Your items are not reset when you turn them in. You can purchase a set, transmog, and give it back to the store. Your character’s attire remains its transmog even after restarting the game. This will definitely be fixed because the issue is really troublesome. Almost all the points in purchasing goods from the Trading Post are lost. One of the solutions is removing the return function. Because before deciding to buy, players are given the ability to properly examined the goodies in the shop. The interface doesn’t allow you to buy accidentally with one click, either.

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