Top 8 Hardest Raid Bosses in WoW History

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Since World of Warcraft release it has seen hundreds of difficult bosses and tens of different raids. All players who have at least once gone on a dangerous journey and spent a lot of time trying to kill them know this. Talking about the difficulty of raid bosses by tactics is quite difficult, so it’s worth paying attention to the time and number of attempts spent by raiders from the moment bosses appeared until the first kill.

We’ve compiled a unique TOP-8 to learn about the most difficult and unbreakable bosses in WoW history.

8. Jaina Proudmoore — BFA

Many are familiar with this powerful sorceress since Warcraft III. Many loved Jaina for her excellent design and deep story, but after the release of the Battle of Dazar’Alor raid, players opinions were divided between those who fought her in the raid and those who missed it.

The combat itself was nothing complicated, but Blizzard added a unique mechanic called “the Chilling Touch,” which reduced players movement speed and constantly dealt massive damage. The effect would add up, causing raiders to literally freeze in place, taking massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. If the debuff added up to 100%, players would simply freeze to death.

World first went to the Method guild after 346 attempts.

7. Halondrus — Shadowlands

Halondrus has been performing his sacred duty for many thousands of years. He explores the caves of the Sepulcher of the First Ones in search of ephemeral matter and brings it back into the great cycle of existence. But the arriving invaders have broken the eternal algorithm of the ancient guardian, and he will go to any lengths to restore the former order. Combat with this merciless crab consists of 3 phases, each of which can tickle the nerves of even the most avid raiders.

Halondrus deservedly became one of the most difficult not only in Shadowlands expansion, but in general went down in game history due to the huge number of attempts to kill. The most difficult mechanics were the spheres, which killed the entire raid if they reached the boss.

WF kill was made by the Liquid guild after 358 attempts and 18 hours of game time to complete.

6. Queen Azshara — BFA

Azhara is another great sorceress from the World of Warcraft universe. An entire location of Kalimdor is named after her, and heroes met her during Cataclysm, when they had to go back in time and prevent the Legion from attacking.

During BFA the Queen returned and the heroes of Azeroth had to fight back. The whole difficulty of the battle was one mechanic that forced players to constantly move in order not to get lethal damage from the queen abilities. It turns out that almost all range dd and casters instantly became useless. The same was true of the healers.

WF belongs to Method, and it took 359 attempts to master Queen Azhara. It’s interesting to watch characters running around the platform and hiding behind pillars for most of the battle, all the while keeping rotation and tactics perfect.

5. Fallen Avatar — Legion

Warcraft lore is as vast as possible and has many iconic characters. One of them is the corrupted Titan Sargeras, who fell under the influence of fell and decided to take over all worlds in the universe. During his invasion of Azeroth, players only had to fight a fraction of his greatness, the Fallen Avatar.

The battle was not an easy one, because the basic mechanic is that the Avatar randomly selects those who fall under the attack of his abilities. It turned out that the boss could only be defeated by the right set of circumstances, when his abilities hit those who had the maximum amount of HP. The Fallen Avatar itself did insane amounts of damage.

WF went to Method again after 453 attempts.

4. Archimonde — Warlords of Draenor

This demon has made Azeroth tremble with its presence a lot of time. His initial appearance was in the Battle for Mount Hyjal in TBC, where heroes were able to exile the demon in Twisting Nether. After regaining his strength, Archimonde returned in an alternate version of Draenor, where he once again proved his power.

As the final boss of the Hellfire Citadel, he managed to bring the seed of discord to the minds of the heroes, and his abilities brought real chaos to the battlefield. Archimonde summoned spirits of fire, which chased players for ten seconds and heavily damaged the area, then switched to new targets. This forced the raiders to shift their full attention to the appeared enemies.

Interesting fact: Demons lives are always the same, no matter what reality they are in. According to the plot of the final cutscene, when heroes finally defeat Archimonde, the demon opens a portal to Twisting Nether, where he wants to fight back, but dies at the same time. According to the game’s lore, a demon who dies in TN can’t be resurrected. It turns out that this was our last encounter with the ancient eredar.

Finally kill the demon and make the WF again succeed in the Method guild. It took 472 tries.

3. Yogg-Saron — WotLK

One of the most powerful Old Gods of Azeroth. He can dominate the mind of even the brightest warriors and lure them to his side. Yogg-Saron is a veritable plague that is nearly impossible to stop. During WotLK he awakened and his influence spread throughout Ulduar.

Defeating the Old God was very difficult. To do so, raiders had to enlist the support of the Guardians, who made the task easier. The hardest variation of the battle was the one where the raiders refused to help. The third phase was the most difficult, with tanks taking a lot of damage and the boss having to be killed formerly it went into enrage. It was nearly impossible to do, but one guild did manage it.

It was a Chinese team called Stars, which literally wrenched WF from the tentacles of the Ancient God.

2. Ragnaros with Legs — Cataclysm

Fire Lord Ragnaros was giving players heat back in the days of Vanilla WoW, but with the arrival of Cataclysm and the return of Fireland Raid he felt powerful again and took on Sulfuras. The combat was nothing special: classic tactics, different enemies, and adherence to mechanics, but there was one moment which made raiders do everything perfectly.

The entire battle lasted about 20 minutes, during which the healers lost almost all the mana, and the dd endlessly dying. It turns out that the last battle phase was almost unwinnable if in raid was dying at least a couple of characters.

It took the Paragon guild more than 500 attempts to kill. The rest simply stopped counting, as it took a colossal amount of time for each try.

1. Uu’nat — BFA

Fighting this boss can easily be called “how one mechanic can change the game”. Uu’nat is in the Crucible of Storms raid and to this day players are afraid to look at it even once. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for a skill called «Unstable Resonance». Players were imposed a very powerful debuff, which had its own colors. It was prohibited to combine them. It was applied to 10+ people at once, which caused a real panic in the raiders. If players with different colors crossed paths, there was a tremendous explosion that destroyed all life.

The Pieces Guild managed to move and deal damage perfectly throughout the battle, after which WF was obtained. Now the Uu’nat can be confidently called the most difficult in World of Warcraft history, because it took 731 attempts to kill it.

WoW Dragonfligh Raids Expectations

Our TOP-8 of the hardest bosses in WoW history has come to an end. The Ancient Gods, great enchantresses and other iconic characters are left behind, but what’s ahead of us? Soon an add-on called Dragonfligh will be released, and its main antagonist is still unknown. Maybe it will be Wrathion, who will once again betray the heroes of Azeroth, or maybe it’s an ancient evil, which awakens after the return of dragons to their homeland.

There are times when players don’t have time to master raids or they seem too difficult. This is actually a time-consuming process that requires a guild or perfect gaming skills. In that case, players have two options: you can purchase Sepulcher of the First Ones raid run or hire a real raid coaching service, where you will be told about the features of your class, all known bosses and tactics.

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