Tips & Tricks for Gold Farming in Dragonflight

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One of the first things that come to mind when dealing with the new World of Warcraft expansion is gold farming. Every time prices go high, so knowing current farming tips is essential. In this article, we will talk about how to make gold in Dragonflight expansion fast and effective.

Do not underestimate the necessity of gold in the game. In some cases, it can dramatically ease your gaming experience. You can buy consumables, resources, even missing set pieces, and upgrade skills. So it is rational to read a WoW gold guide and spend some time farming coins for future situations.


Professions have always been a good way to make big amounts of money. In Dragonflight, earning gold with crafting has become even faster with the Crafting Orders system. This is a new expansion feature: if someone needs a craftable item, they may request it from other players. With orders, professions have become an even more effective gold farming method.

You can take crafting orders from other players. The better things you will create, the bigger reward you will get. Try to be even more effective — pay attention to rank quality, recipe difficulty, and inspiration. Upgrading a profession level is really time-consuming, but eventually, you will become the most popular and rich crafter on the market.

Auction House

Speaking of markets. Playing with Auction House is also a great way to farm gold. The rules are simple: buy low, sell high. It is like an additional market simulator in WoW — earn gold for playing on the needs of other players.

An example: there is a lot that includes one ingredient worth 10 coins. Buy it and sell it for 15 coins. To get good fortune, buy many assets at once. Find things that are in great deficit. Usually, they are jewelry, rare or even inaccessible mounts, and equipment. Crafting materials are also market objects due to their usability.

You can even create a utility character that creates necessary things for selling purposes. The strategy is simple: check the auction with your main and learn the necessities of the market. Then, pick the relevant profession for the second character. And you know the rest.

Be careful, though: some players are trying to speculate on the action and get enormous prices on certain positions. If you see something extremely pricey yet not so rare, do not fall into it. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time gathering specific items. And will find that they are cheapies in the end.

Gathering Professions

Another method of obtaining valuable crafting materials is gathering professions. In Dragonflight, the best way to get gold is fast and profitable. Don’t craft anything, and provide crafters with resources. Get rare flowers and plants, skin high-level animals, and mine valuable ores. Dragon Isles is a rich land, so you will get your bags full in no time.

After that, sell all the stuff on the Auction mentioned before. Remember: do not give away too much of the same type of material. You can overfill the market, and your possessions will become cheaper. Control the needs of other players to get richer. What a perfect way to roleplay an enterprising and cunning goblin merchant!

An Alternative Way to Get Gold

Check WowVendor for available Dragonflight services. You can order various assistance in raids, mythics, and, of course, gold farming. One moment — and your bags are full of coins.


It is not one of the most interesting, but surely the most relaxing way to get more gold in WoW. Someone just likes to sit for a couple of hours with the rod in their hands. With Fishing you can catch some rather nice and expensive things. But it requires some preparation.

First, you need to increase your fishing skill to get around the Dragon Isles. There are some items that will boost your parameters like Aquadynamic Fish Attractor or Oversized Bobber.

A quality instrument is also in use. Khaz’gorite Fisherfriend or Draconium Fisherfriend is one of the best fishing rods. Create them yourself with engineering, buy on the auction or make an order at the profession screen.

Once you are ready, find a nearby water location. Farm various fish like Scalebelly Mackerel, Islefin Dorado, and Temporal Dragonhead. Many of these catches cost a lot of money by themselves. They are also useful in top-tier food recipes.

You can even catch rare and valuable recipes that other players will gladly buy for large sums of gold. But the drop rate is minimal. This farming method is quite unique and does not suit everyone. But if you are a fishing fan you can no longer ask how to get more gold in WoW — relax doing your favorite activity.

There is a fine way to fish with benefits in the Azure Span. Go to the west side of the location to get an Ice Fishing quest. After completion, you will be able to use ice fishing holes. Find freezing water, break a hole with a pickaxe and wait. You can get rare fish and Coins of the Isles. You can trade them for valuable items via the Great Swog.

Grinding Mobs

In Dragonflight, the best way to get gold can be the most obvious. Just grind mobs and get valuable resources, which you can sell later. Grind Spots must be comfortable in terms of location and rational with mobs’ difficulty. Otherwise, you will find yourself dying more and farming less. Not to mention poor players and their nerves!

Tyrhold is a nice example of a quality farming loc. It is a spacious location with lots of floors. So it is a perfect way to farm. Just start with the top and progress right to the bottom. Tyrhold Watchers and Malfunctioning Protectors drop a valuable Glowing Titan Orb. The Drop Rate is low, but these things are worth it. Mobs are really difficult, though. So it is best for you to call some friends to help.

Raids and BoE Equipment

BoE (Bind on Equip) gear is your gold-making method if you want to battle trash mobs. Just visit old instances and be fast and furious. Kill enemies and gather every piece of loot you can get.

Such BoE equipment is really nice to sell on the Auction Market — some people gladly give their money to get themselves an easy upgrade. If you do not want to waste time, sell everything to the nearest vendor. In some cases, cool-looking transmog items drop, so it is an additional plus to the method.

To get gold in Dragonflight fast, visit raids listed below:

Patience Is the Key

There are no ultimate Dragonflight gold tips you can use to get coins fast and easily. All these methods require time and some effort from the player. But you will thank yourself in the future. Hard and smart work is always rewarding!

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