The War Within New Human Racial Is A Joke

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The new Human racial in The War Within has been revealed. And it’s nowhere near the benefit once brought by Diplomacy.

The War Within New Human Racial Is A Joke

Key Takeaways

  • The new Human racial, No Place Like Home, will replace the passive Diplomacy in the upcoming expansion, The War Within.
  • No Place Like Home’s reduction in Hearthstone cooldown and extra charge offer little advantage due to existing fast travel options.
  • Fans are disappointed because, in the current context of WoW, no one actually needs to use Hearthstone that frequently to travel that much.

Orcs have Blood Fury and Hardiness. Night Elves have Wisp Spirit and Shadowmeld. Taurens have War Stomp. And what do Humans get in The War Within? A passive ability called No Place Like Home reduces the Hearthstone cooldown by five minutes and grants an additional charge to replace Diplomacy.

In April, we reported on Blizzard’s decision to remove the Human passive ability Diplomacy. This ability gave Humans a 10% increase in reputation gains, which the developers deemed unfair to other races. While disappointing to fans, many hoped Blizzard would introduce a new passive ability that may somewhat benefit Humans. Yet, the recent reveal of the replacement, No Place Like Home, has left many feeling underwhelmed. Especially considering its limited impact and lack of significance compared to Diplomacy.

No Place Like Home: New Human Racial Ability in The War Within

The War Within New Human Racial Is A Joke

The new Human racial ability, No Place Like Home, fails to provide a significant advantage or useful utility in the modern World of Warcraft. Numerous other methods for quick travel already exist. Engineering gadgets such as Wormhole Generators offer portals to specific zones on various continents. Meanwhile, Mages can create portals to major cities. Warlocks can summon their teammates. And with the introduction of Skyriding in The War Within, players can travel much faster than ever before. Also, let’s not forget Guild cloaks, Tol Barad tabards, and numerous other items that allow players to teleport from one location to another instantly.

In the current context of WoW, the practical use of Hearthstone is mainly for quick travel after finishing raids or M+ dungeons. By the time players are done with these activities, the Hearthstone cooldown is usually already reset. So, the reduction in Hearthstone cooldown and the extra charge offered by No Place Like Home are neither impactful nor necessary to gameplay.

WoW fans are far from pleased with this replacement. This isn’t the first time a beloved Human racial ability has been removed. Long-time players may recall that from Vanilla WoW until the Cataclysm expansion, Humans used to have Perception. It significantly enhanced stealth detection for 20 seconds, providing a considerable edge in PvP encounters against hidden foes. However, those days are behind us, and now, we’re left with No Place Like Home.

We’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard revisits their decision and offers the Human race a more advantageous ability. But this seems unlikely. What are your thoughts on the new Human racial ability in The War Within? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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