The War Within: Dalaran Will Fall, Khadgar May Perish

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With the arrival of The War Within, Dalaran will fall. Khadgar, the leader of the Kirin Tor, may not survive.

The War Within: Dalaran Will Fall, Khadgar May Perish

We are just one Patch 10.2.7 away from the pre-patch events of The War Within. Recent revelations from Wowhead shed light on the unfolding narrative, suggesting a grim turn of events for the heroes of Azeroth.

Dalaran Will Fall in The War Within

According to the newly uncovered quest text, the floating ancient city will soon be swarmed with the insectoid Nerubians. Dalaran will fall. Rivulets of magic from the collapsed towers will bleed into the earth. Amidst the chaos, we will find ourselves trapped in the ruins. And it is here that we will start our journey, unfolding across the trilogy of expansions.

“Your vision swims as you slowly regain consciousness. Distant shouts and screams echo in your ringing ears.The last thing you remember is Dalaran, the great, floating city of magic, plummeting to the earth–then nothing but darkness.

Mixed in with sounds of shouting and battle, you hear a strange, insectoid chittering.

The nerubians were waiting for you.

You must rejoin the fight, but first you need to free yourself from the crushing weight of the rubble piled atop you.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

Khadgar’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

As if this is not enough of a bombshell, Khadgar, the esteemed Archmage of the Kirin Tor, will face a perilous fate. Key figures from the World of Warcraft franchise will gather to lament the apparent loss of the Archmage of the Kirin Tor. Found by Wowhead, a cutscene’s description paints a foreboding future as follows:

“Thrall, Jaina, Alleria, and Anduin gather in Dornogal to discuss the loss of their joint strike force.

They take a moment for Khadgar.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

What happened to Khadgar? Will the revered mage meet his end amidst the unfolding chaos? Will he fall into the clutches of Xal’atath and her army of Nerubians? Share your thoughts about Khadgar’s fate with us in the comments!

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