WoW: The Old Gods May Return in Dragonflight Patch 10.1

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The latest Patch 10.1 of WoW Dragonflight has players buzzing with the possible return of the Old Gods.

The last of them was defeated in Battle for Azeroth. However, evidence about their presence has emerged and is pointing at N’Zoth. He’s one of the most powerful and well-known Old Gods who could make a comeback in the near future.

Players have discovered the Deepdrifter Megrim in Patch 10.1’s PTR.

(Source: Wowhead)

It’s a new fish-like creature that has further fueled speculation about the Old Gods’ potential involvement. With three eyes and menacingly jagged teeth, the intimidating fish reminds a large number of gamers of N’Zoth. After all, he’s often associated with sea creatures. And maybe you haven’t yet forgotten about the incident when Zin-Azshari was flooded. Back then, he took the form of a fish to approach queen Azshara in an attempt to sway her into servitude.

While it’s well-known that the demise of N’zoth doesn’t mean his influence no longer lingers across the planet. And this fish may be nothing but a trivial detail. Especially when Blizzard has yet to give solid confirmation about any role the Old Gods may play in Dragonflight. But isn’t it strange? Why would the developers lace hints of their involvement in the game’s major update? Why now?

The Embers of Neltharion is currently available on PTR. Those testing out the game are given access to the latest Zaralek Cavern zone. They also have the chance to get acquainted with many files and details that provide hints about the story chapter.

There has yet to be official information about the release date for Patch 10.1. But it is expected to arrive in May. And fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of seeing their former enemy again.

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