Player Caught Sight of Tapeworm in The War Within Alpha

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The 10th expansion of World of Warcraft is filled with surprises. Take the recently discovered tapeworm in The War Within Alpha, for example!

Player Caught Sight of Tapeworm in The War Within Alpha

Despite still being in its Alpha state, The War Within has brought WoW lovers a wealth of surprises and excitement. Players are uncovering new content within The War Within every day, from Season 1 tier sets and the introduction of new allied races to Warbands, Hero Talents, and beyond. For more information, be sure to pay our overview a visit:

Unknown Tapeworm in The War Within Alpha

Most recently, WoW player Haughty Chicken stumbled upon a new species resembling a centipede or a brown tapeworm in The War Within. Apparently, it happened when the player was trying to capture a picturesque screenshot of a tranquil purple backdrop dotted with glowing mushrooms. However, the peaceful moment was short-lived, disrupted by a tapeworm-like creature suddenly emerging from the stone. Brown, long, leggy, and viscous, the creature’s appearance was unsettling enough to send goosebumps all over one’s body. It undulated across the terrain before weaving its way into the ground. Before the first one completely disappeared from sight, another of its kind had already popped up and wiggled around:

Her discovery has sparked intense discussions among players. And now, fans can’t help but wonder what the origins of these creatures are and what role they will play in the upcoming expansion. 

What about you? What do you think these creatures are? We can’t wait to hear your theories and speculations in the comments!

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