Protoform Synthesis Overview: Crafting System for Mounts and Pets

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Shadowlands provides players with many unique possibilities to obtain new cute in-game companions. Patch 9.2 brought its own novelties to the key entertaining process of crafting mounts in WoW. It is tied with a new important feature, and such a short overview must guide you well through its complicated mechanic!

Synthesis Forges: How to Unlock?

Cypher of the First Ones is a feature that was recently added to WoW and is strongly connected to Protoform Synthesis. Progression through its console includes unlocking various talents, for example, Dealic Understanding and Sopranian Understanding. Oh, not just an example: these talents are exactly what you need!

After unlocking the first one, Pocopoc waits with a task named after the new system. Unlocking the second makes Finding Tahli accessible.The short first one basically leads to the place for making pets, while the second one starts two questlines. Finishing them will result in opening of mount craft.

Crafting Components

As every valuable craft, this one will require lots of materials. The key component is Genesis Mote that drops in every corner of Zereth Mortis when you’ve opened pet forge. The same refers to Lattices, one of which is needed to craft certain kinds of creatures. For instance, Vombatta Lattice is an essential reagent particularly for mount Darkened Vombata, pet Tunneling Vombata, and a few others.

If that already sounds hard, beware, as the rare reagents are also needed. There are two separate types for Protoform Synthesis pets and mounts lying in corpses of mobs in new location, and their drop chance is not very high (about 10%). Finally, a classic requirement for many WoW profession mount crafts: a special recipe called Schematic for every particular item. Pet recipes are open from the very start — and that can’t be said about the others, whose schemes are yet to be explored.


Knowing how to get protoform synthesis mounts and pets is surely not enough, since other knowledge is much more important: what do you actually want? Thus, the list or recipes and reagents also becomes a list of pets and mounts, whose appearances you can carefully study. (You will easily recognize your little companions in this list, as they all are called Archetypes.)

Adorned Vombata

Archetype of Animation

Bronze Helicid

Archetype of Cunning

Bronzewing Vespoid

Archetype of Discovery


Archetype of Focus

Curious Crystalsniffer

Archetype of Malice

Darkened Vombata

Archetype of Metamorphosis


Archetype of Motion

Desertwing Hunter

Archetype of Multiplicity

Forged Spiteflyer

Archetype of Predation

Genesis Crawler

Archetype of Renewal

Goldplate Bufonid

Archetype of Satisfaction

Heartbond Lupine

Archetype of Serenity

Ineffable Skitterer

Archetype of Survival

Mawdapted Raptora

Archetype of Vigilance

Pale Regal Cervid

Prototype Leaper

Raptora Swooper

Russet Bufonid

Scarlet Helicid


Reins of the Sundered Zerethsteed

Tarachnid Creeper

Unsuccessful Prototype Fleetpod

Vespoid Flutterer

Your next step?

They are beautiful, aren’t they? And you haven’t seen pets skills: they are also quite dangerous, although easier to obtain. If you’re still thinking about how to deal with all the mounts that Shadowlands latest patch brought to WoW, you can make everything much easier by buying Protoform Synthesis Mount Boost. Choose wisely, especially considering that not every mount can be boosted yet. But maybe you are lucky and have fallen in love with the one that is already available!

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