Spring in Azeroth: Exploring WoW Noblegarden Event

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It’s springtime, which means a new event has already begun and it’s WoW Noblegarden! Various rewards became available to players, such as pets, mounts, and a set of costumes for transmogrification.

Spring in Azeroth: Exploring WoW Noblegarden Event

What Is WoW Noblegarden Event

WoW Noblegarden event is a spring season during which players hunt for colored eggs hidden in secluded places that contain various treats or even holiday clothes.

The currency of this event is Noblegarden Chocolates, which allow you to purchase clothing, mounts, pets, and other special rewards. They can be obtained by completing quests and collecting eggs found in the event zones. Usually, these eggs are in semi-hidden places: on the floor, inside carts and bushes, and behind crates.

When Is WoW Noblegarden Event

WoW Noblegarden event runs from April 1 to April 8, 2024. To join the celebration, visit one of the locations, such as Valdrakken, Falconwing Square, Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Razor Hill, Kharanos, Goldshire, Dolanaar, or Azure Watch.

All Noblegarden Event Rewards

The more you participate in the festivities, the more you get! For those who like more exquisite rewards, Blizzard has revealed the following items you can get during the Noblegarden event.

But first, you must complete all the necessary quests, which you can get as follows. Depending on your faction, you must find either Zinnia Brooks in Elwynn Forest or Sylnaria Fareflame in Durotar.

The storyline starts with the What the Duck?! quest, after which you must find the druid’s lair and scare away the ducks living there. The reward for completing the story is a Duck Disguiser toy.

Besides, a large golden egg can also be found nearby. By placing it in a huge nest, you can summon Daetan Swiftplume himself.

Spring in Azeroth: Exploring WoW Noblegarden Event

Triumphing over him guarantees the Quacked Killer achievement. It is worth noting that after defeating Daetan Swiftplume, which you are allowed to do once per day, you can get other rewards, including Noble Flying Carpet. In addition, this mount only drops for characters at or above level 60.

Spring in Azeroth: Exploring WoW Noblegarden Event

The Alliance and Horde vendors offer a Lovely Duckling pet for purchase during the event.

Blizzard didn’t forget about the additional transmogrification items, which you can get after defeating Daetan Swiftplume. Here is a list of the rewards:

The Noblegarden merchants offer such collectible pets as Mystical Spring Bouquet, Spring Rabbit’s Foot, and Noblegarden Bunny.

Swift Springstrider should also be mentioned, as it has become available for players to purchase using the Noblegarden Chocolates.

A Drake’s Big Basket of Eggs is another toy that allows you to equip your Dragonriding drake for the event.

Here are also additional elements for transmogrification, which include:


The Noblegarden event in World of Warcraft is an exciting time for players to explore the game’s springtime festivities and earn unique rewards. Whether you’re an old player or a newcomer, check out the event before it ends. Happy hunting!

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