Shrek: The hero of Far Far Away Transmogrification Guide

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Welcome to yet another very specific transmogrification guide by WowVendor!

Today we will be making ourselves an outfit reminiscent of a hero from the land Far Far Away, a noble Ogre warrior, a family man, an icon of a generation – Shrek.

As you might’ve guessed this set will only work on orcs, and in this particular case we’re going with warrior class. You might actually be able to pull it off on a death knight as well, but it is ill-adviced due to special effects the scourgelords have on their eyes.

“Please vacate the marsh that is in my belonging” – Shrek the Orc, probably

Thankfully the current transmog system allows you to hide multiple armor pieces, which makes this look actually usable in real combat scenarios. First thing you’ll want to do is hide the following:

• Head armor

• Shoulderpads

• Cloak

• Tabard

• Wrist armor

• Gauntlets

With all these pieces hidden we can apply the following items to the rest of our armor:

• Chest – Kargal’s Breastplate (or any of its look-a-likes, of which there are plenty)

• Shirt – Common White Shirt always available in the auction house for couple of coins

• Belt – Skulk Rock Belt one of the best simplistic looking plate belts available

• Legs – Corlain Greaves – this particular model is really easy to get as an alliance player simply by questing in Kul’Tiras, but Horde players are unfortunately stuck with BoE drops. AH – would be the best option, if you don’t own this model yet.

• Boots – Cliffwalker Boots – these are part of the same set as the belt we’re using. It also boasts a very nice, yet simplistic design.

• Weapon – You can really go with any “classic” sword, as it is one of the few weapons that we saw Shrek wield across the movies. That’s when Shrek rescues Fiona while in knight’s guise, if you’re wandering. We’ve decided to go with Reconditioned Archeus, but you most likely own several possible replacements that would work just as fine.

Speaking of Shrek in knight’s guise. With a simple addition of Expedition Guard’s Helm, Tuskarr Boneplate Pauldrons and Reinforced Fisherman’s Vambraces we can easily turn our classic Shrek into Sir Shrek, from the aforementioned sequence.

“Orcs are like potatoes. Wait no, this doesn’t make any sense.” – Shrek the Orc, probably

And if that’s not enough for you to live out your Shrek fantasy in the world of Azeroth, then try adding the Lil’ Donkey mount into the mix. That will truly elevate your gaming experience.

Remember that epic transmogrification sets are cool and all, but being a little silly with your style never hurt anyone before.

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