Shadowlands Season 4 Mythic+ Survival Guide

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Shadowlands Season 4 has dropped on 2-3 August for World of Warcraft. That means another ample bunch of updates, changes, and additions. One of the more interesting ones revolves around raids, PvP, but mainly dungeons. This Season 4 Mythic+ guide will help you learn more about them.

They’ve added 8 dungeons presently, in addition to a new affix, a slightly altered Valor system, and some more interesting stuff. The changes are massive, but, in fact, not much was updated really. It’s all just new content with a few extra flairs and more freedom to boost your character. And that’s great, as well.

Added Dungeons

This Season 4 Mythic Plus guide describes 8 new locations. Most of them are from the expansions of old — Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and, naturally, Shadowlands itself. You can now play the levels on advanced difficulty. It allows you to get loot almost unparalleled in quality. That’s what they added now:

To access any of those old challenges on a new Mythic+ difficulty, you’ll need a minimum of one player in a party who has a Mythic Keystone on them. Upon approaching the dungeon, set its difficulty to Mythic. The person with an item on them will have to interact with the Font of Power, but that’s all relatively straightforward.

This new Mythic+ guide touches upon multiple dungeons, and each new level gives you a harder time inside. The Health and damage output of enemies is increased every time, for instance. The loot, however, is gradually more valuable, likewise. To grow your dungeons, you need to complete them in good time.

Completing a Run

To complete one of them, you must fully clear the level of all bosses, mini-bosses, and trash enemies. There are no bypasses, like with lower-difficulty runs, plus you have a limited Combat Resurrection pool shared by the whole party. You start with 1, get another one every 10 minutes, and will peak at 5.

Each dungeon has a timer. Beating it before the time is out allows you to upgrade the Keystone – the faster the better. What’s more, it shifts to another dungeon, so that you could keep getting better rewards while also experiencing new challenges.

Meanwhile, defeating everything in the area after your time is up downgrades your Keystone by 1 level, while still shifting it to another location. If you fail at it, it’ll downgrade you and make you try the same dungeon again. So, it’s actually a careful game of gradually increasing and adjusting to your difficulty.

Loot & Valor

Loot also gets its chapter in this Mythic+ what’s new overview. Namely, it gets better with each level. What’s more, you can upgrade such rewards with Valor. Valor is points you get for, well, waltzing through these challenges (among other things). They can be spent improving weapons and armor, increasing them in level and power.

The loot level cap has increased by 26 this season. It’s now ilvl 288 and ilvl 304 for Great Vaults. The limit on Valor upgrades has also gone up by 26. It now constitutes ilvl 298. As a result, you can exceed the maximum possible item level for loot found in a dungeon by buffing it with Valor.

Note that you also need rating for later stages of Valor boosting. There are also rating achievements, like «Keystone Master Season 4». Points are accumulated after successful runs, which compels players to redo runs to strengthen their character as much as possible. If it’s too much of a hassle, you can buy a boosting service that does it for you.


Blizzard also added a quick teleport to all of these locations, besides the Shadowlands ones, so that people wouldn’t spend time remembering how to access essentially old content. Approaching a teleport moves you directly to the entrance to a respective level: two on Mechagon, two at Deadwind Pass, and two at Gorgrond.

The other way to teleport to these dungeons at will is to learn an appropriate spell. It requires you to beat a respective area on a Mythic+ 20 lvl difficulty within the set timer. After that, you’ll be able to move there from virtually anywhere in the world and completely at will.

Affix for Season 4

As usual, there is a new affix in this new season Mythic+ update. These affixes offer an additional, interesting challenge. In this one, called «Shrouded», you get to find Dreadlord spies hidden among the many trash mobs they’ll throw at you. Finding them out and defeating them grants you a valuable buff of choice, as well as a brief regen.

You can spot them quite easily. They are disguised as lesser enemies, but you can always spot one by the «Disguised» effect each of them has. It can be one of several enemies, including a possible mini-boss. They can be deadly, so make sure to read a Mythic dungeons guide on how to battle them.

It’s important to deal with them as soon as you spot the weasels. Those buffs are very handy, especially considering you can choose your effect according to the current play style.

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