Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft

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It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t ever got interested, what are Warcraft’s rarest mounts. From the very beginning WoW has attracted millions of players not only with their beautiful designs, but also with how special are the ways of getting some of them. The years have passed, and that’s still a vast part of the game experience — for someone, the whole experience even. Whatever your goals as a player are, be sure to check this list of WoW rare mounts!

Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal

It may seem strange to see a creature that is unobtainable in Retail at the top of the list of rarest mounts in WoW. But considering the fact that it is the game’s only mount of legendary quality, Black Qiraji Battle Tank deserves this place. Especially if you were playing WoW Classic and had a chance to witness the event of giving it out. For those who didn’t, a little background: mount has been given to every player who has rung the Gong with the Scepter of Shifting Sands near the gates of Ahn’Qiraj in Silithus within 10 hours after the first player on the server did it.

That was a kind of reward for a victory in the Second War of the Shifting Sands — a long and difficult event of classic WoW. Black Tank was particularly special before the Cataclysm expansion, when an Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank was introduced into the game, because it was the only Qiraji mount ridable outside of Ahn’Qiraj raids.

Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

Thousands of attempts are done in order to finally get this mount. It is dropped by Nalak, a world raid-boss that guards the main entrance to the raid called Throne of Thunder. He has a nearly fixed time of respawn — from 10 to 20 minutes.

From a first glance this beautiful cloud serpent may also seem to be very easily obtainable. But exactly the fixed location and time of respawn makes him one of the most rare mounts in WoW. Apart from a weekly and very low drop rate (about 0,03%), its rarity is determined by a huge number of competitors that wait at this place for months and years. And those competitors have such a lust for mount, that you may be late for a boss fight even if you are nearby.

The Mage-Bound Spelltome

This is surely not a WoW mount with rare drop chance — the drop is fixed, as the mount is given for completing an achievement. But for someone this achievement may seem too hard to accomplish. It is the “Tour of Towers”, which requires completion of all the seven challenges in the Shadowlands’ version of Mage Tower

If you’re already scared by this little description, but still feel fascinated by the mount — you might get interested in the option to buy some of the rare WoW mounts. Your way to get a Spelltome is there, along with tips on how to get other cool mounts in WoW!

Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger

One more currently unobtainable mount is not only one of the rarest, but actually one of the most expensive ones. Both Spectral Tigers — this and the one of rare quality — came from a code on a card from WoW TCG expansion «Fires of Outland» that was released in August of 2007. Obviously even back then you had to get really lucky to pull this card from a booster pack…

There are rumors and legends of the possibility to get it now, but the cost will obviously be enormous. Both Tigers’ reins function are BoEs, so if someone still has it, they can sell it for a very-very big amount of gold. And the lowest price for buying its actual loot code is not less than $7000. Real dollars, not spectral. Real dollars for a Spectral Tiger!

Ashes of Al’Ar

The Ashes of Al’Ar has been considered one of the most spectacular mounts of WoW since its appearance in the Burning Crusade. That’s why players tend to farm it even in Burning Crusade Classic, where it is much harder than in Retail. The mount is very unique, as the similarly looking Dark Phoenix has been introduced only in Cataclysm and still differs much from the Al’Ar remnant.

It can be considered one of the easiest WoW’s rare mounts to farm. The drop rate is about 2%, which is low, but higher than many other rare mounts. Besides, the way to the Kael’Thas Sunstrider — a boss that drops it, — is simple. The “Eye” of Tempest Keep raid doesn’t force you to defeat all the other bosses: you can pass straight to the last one through quite a short dungeon.

Solar Spirehawk

Well, actually there is one more phoenix-like mount, but with a completely different model. Solar Spirehawk is dropped by a World Boss Rukhmar in Draenor. Not the Outland — the AU Draenor. But a strange fact is that farming it might be harder than the ashes of Al’Ar.

Being a World Boss, Rukhmar is obviously a target for many players which carefully hunt her, sometimes with dozens of characters and in different factions. Besides, a mount’s drop rate is abysmally low – only 0.22%. That’s why there is no surprise that someone spends even more attempts to farm it, than Nalak.

Nilganihmaht Control Ring

A hand of a giant Nilganihmaht is definitely one of the hardest mounts to get in WoW for now. Especially if there’s no instructions on how to get it — although with its help it is not easy too. But a brief look at the mount leaves no doubt that it’s worth it.

A proper guide on how to get it will be bigger than any list of rare mounts. Actually, it is a one big puzzle which involves collecting many different items and using them in particular places. If you’re risky enough, you can try it yourself, but if not — you know where to ask help.

Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

This proto-drake’s name is quite symbolic. Many players who hunt it since the Wrath of the Lich King have also gone very Time-Lost. Someone not familiar with the drake might be surprised as to why? It’s in the old content, it has a guaranteed drop, no complicated quests or achievements are required to complete in order to get…

In fact, the whole hunt for it will be one of the most complicated quests and achievements in WoW. The Time-Lost Proto-Drake mob has no fixed place of spawn, just a few stable routes where it carelessly flies. The respawn time is also not that satisfying: approximately from 2 to 8 hours. And keeping in mind all these facts, you must develop a strategy to catch it. To catch it first: of course you are not the only one willing to do it!

Snapback Scuttler

Battle for Azeroth expansion realized many players’ dreams: introduction of long awaited Kul Tiras, Zandalar and Nazjatar, new allied races, continuation of the old plotlines, a crab mount… Yes — a crab.

It is not that rare WoW mount that drops from dungeons, although its long farm may remind of weeks and months spent in many raids. This proud crab is a reward for the “Undersea Usurper” achievement, done in Nazjatar by accomplishing all the most complicated achievements in the same location. Such reward undoubtedly perfectly symbolizes all the fun and pain that can be gained from that farm. A fun and pain that not every person would willingly accept.

Frenzied Feltalon

Finally, you can’t just pass by a mount that is given for farming other mounts! Frenzied Feltalon is a reward for the “A Horde of Hoofbeats” achievement , which is given for collecting 400 of them. Currently that is a last achievement in line of those given for collecting mounts.

Some players ask curiously: why is that achievement not extended further? Others doubt the logic, by which a ground mount is given as a reward for the tenth achievement. And for someone it’s simply their four hundred and first companion in a huge collection.

That was a very short list of WoW mounts which you may choose to farm to get into the lucky minority and attract attention from hundreds of players in Oribos, Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

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