WoW PvP Solo Shuffle Queue & PvP Meta Season

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With the release of patch 9.2 there have been many changes to the game. Classes were rebalanced, a new arena and Solo Shuffle were added, and unique artifacts, rewards and vehicles appeared.

We should start with the gladiators. Immediately after taking a rating of 2400+ and 50 wins there, players will receive a unique mount, Cosmic Gladiator’s Soul Eater and the long-awaited title. If you rank in the top 0.1% of players this season, you will receive the title «Cosmic Gladiator», and if you rank in the top 0.5%, you will receive the title «Hero of the Horde/Alliance».

For those who love the battlegrounds, there is another transport, the Vicious War Croaker. It can be obtained by filling the PvP scale in the tab to 100%. If you translate the percentages into wins, it turns out that to get the mount you need to win 240 battles in 2×2, 80 in 3×3 or 40 on RBG. The Mount has different colors for Horde and Alliance.

The level of equipment has also been increased. For clarity, we have prepared a table showing the ranks and their corresponding rewards.

Rank Ilvl PvP Ilvl Rating
Unranked 249 262 0
Combatant I 252 265 1000
Combatant II 255 268 1200
Challenger I 259 272 1400
Challenger II 262 275 1600
Rival I 265 278 1800
Rival II 268 281 1950
Duelist 272 285 2100
Elite 275 285 2400

How does Solo Shuffle & PVP Solo Queue Work?

Solo Shuffle is one of the novelties of update 9.2. This brawl allows players to try their strength in multiple teams at once until victory is achieved.

How it works: players fight in 3×3 mode for 6 rounds until one team wins the most rounds. Each round lasts 5 minutes or until one player dies. If you or someone on your team dies, the round is lost. To keep matches from dragging on, the healing reduction starts at minute 2 until it reaches 100% by the fifth minute. With each round, the arena changes and players are shuffled between each other until the team consists of 1 heal and 2 dds.

A simple example of a battle — we have Holy Paladin, Restoration Shaman and 4 DPS as Rogue, Warlock, Mage and Hunter. They all enter the arena and must fight among themselves. Each round they will be mixed among themselves as follows:

  1. Pal, Rogue, Warlock vs Sham, Mage, Hunt;
  2. Pal, Rogue, Mage vs Sham, Warlock, Hunt;
  3. Pal, Warlock, Mage vs Sham, Rogue, Hunt;
  4. Pal, Mage, Hunt vs Sham, Rogue, Warlock;
  5. Pal, Warlock, Hunt vs Sham, Rogue, Mage;
  6. Pal, Rogue, Mage vs Sham, Warlock, Mage.

Due to these rules the gameplay is as dynamic as possible and every time you have to adjust to the enemy’s setup, play differently and change talents before each round. Even more fun if you have no connection with your team and have to act according to the situation.

It is worth mentioning the achievements that you can get in Solo Shuffle:

Do not forget about the hidden rating, which is present in the skirmishes. It will depend on the level of equipment and the strength of the players with whom you have to fight.

The most important thing is that you can queue only solo, so it is not possible to gather a group in advance. Developers said that this brawl is experimental, and if the players give a positive feedback, the solo queue will be developed in other PvP activities.

Shadowlands PvP Season 3 Tier List

With each season the PvP meta changes a lot, some classes become stronger and get into the top of the ladder, and some are not playable at all. It all depends on item bonuses, chosen covenants and setups to fight in arenas. Especially for your convenience, we have prepared a WoW PVP best classes list, which allows you to learn more about the WoW current meta and understand which classes are better than others.

Top Classes and Specs Max Rating Classes Popularity 2×2 with Heal Specs
Sub Rogue 2692 10.1%
Outlaw Rogue 2802
Assassination Rogue 2782
Surv Hunt 2805 11.8%
BM Hunt 2649
MM Hunt 2505
Fire Mage 2506 4.4%
Frost Mage 2526
Arcane Mage 2284
Feral Dru 2640 11%
Balance Dru 2484
WW Monk 2658 5.2%
Destr Warlock 2523 4.9%
Affliction Warlock 2532
Demon Warlock 2603
Frost DK 2352 2.2%
Unholy DK 2654
Shadow Priest 2476 25.9%
Elem Sham 2579 6.5%
Retri Pal 2400 5.8%
Arms War 2529 5.7%
Fury War 2505
Havoc DH 2643 6.4%

The situation is different in 3×3. Some classes that perform poorly in 2×2 are comfortable in 3×3. The Tier list is as follows:

It is notable that all the data was collected by studying the top rated PvP players for almost the entire season. Now the meta has settled down, as players have dressed their characters and found all the necessary items, so it is definitely not worth worrying about the S-Tier class showing itself badly.

Maldraxxus Coliseum and Trinket Changes

Players knew about the release of this arena a long time ago, and such a large area is very difficult to miss, doing quests nearby. Maldraxxus Coliseum is available to all players in 2×2 and 3×3.

It has everything you need for an epic battle — various ladders, open space and pillars to hide behind. Overall, it’s a classic arena that many players will enjoy.

The developers also changed the bonus of the two accessory set. Now, instead of adding 40% more damage and healing from versatility, the set will give players 175 Primary Stat and 350 Stamina in Arenas, Battlegrounds and War Mode.

It is worth noting the appearance of a new item, which allows you to improve all conduits to level 278. It’s called Vessel of Profound Possibilities, and it can only be accessed after finishing chapter 7 of Zereth Mortis “Starting Over” and completing one of the conditions: Elite: Shadowlands Season 3, Shadowlands Keystone Hero: Season Three or Mythic: Sepulcher of the First Ones.

With Season 3 new accessories were added, which are worth mentioning separately:

Cosmic damage combines schools of arcane magic, Light, Darkness, and Nature, and in addition to accessories it is used in, for example, set item bonuses and bosses from Sepulcher of the First Ones.

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