Plunderstorm 3-Player Groups Will Be Available Next Week!

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Not Solo, not Duo. Get ready for Plunderstorm 3-player groups that are set to launch next week!

Plunderstorm 3-Player Groups

Blizzard recently dropped a bombshell of an announcement during the Creator Royale Tournament. As revealed by Lead Software Engineer Orlando Salvatore, a Trios mode is incoming. And it’s next week! Plunderstorm 3-Player groups are set to spice up WoW first-ever 60v60 battle royale. Players will be divided into 20 teams, each comprised of trios, as they strive to outlast the competition until their team stands as the sole survivor.

Some gamers are concerned that the introduction of Trios mode might result in fewer players in Duo. Meanwhile, others can’t wait for its arrival. The prospect of facing more opponents united against you suggests tougher battles ahead. Yet, the addition of an extra teammate promises more support against the enemies and more chances for resurrection.

Despite encountering various issues since its launch, Plunderstorm continues to thrive. As the event enters its second week, there’s still no official word on when this limited-time game mode will end. At first, it was expected to last for six weeks. However, recently, the game developers have been hinting that it may become a recurring event, possibly even a permanent addition to the game.

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