Players Found MoP Remix Hyper-Spawn Goats: No Frogs? No Probs!

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The frog farm has been heavily nerfed over the weekend. However, WoW players have found an alternative way to farm for Bronze: the MoP Remix hyper-spawn goats.

Players Found MoP Remix Hyper-Spawn Goats: No Frogs? No Probs!

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Key Takeaways

  • Players farmed hyper-spawn frogs for valuable resources following WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria’s launch.
  • Blizzard removed Lesser Charms from frog loot, significantly reducing the farm’s profitability and efficiency.
  • Players are now farming MoP Remix hyper-spawn goats in the Valley of the Four Winds for raw Bronze.
  • The goat farm provides 50-75% of the Bronze previously gained from frogs and lacks additional valuable drops like Lesser Charms and Threads, yet remains a solid alternative for players.


Blizzard has nerfed MoP Remix goat farm and released three hotfixes to identify the frog farmers:

Original Post

Following the launch of WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, seasoned players wasted no time returning to the Timeless Isle, eager to farm the hyper-spawn frogs. Just like the good old days, the frogs were a lucrative source of resources. Farming them proved to be far more time-efficient than other activities, and looting from them provided players with a variety of valuable items needed for the event:

However, due to the game-breaking nature of this method, Blizzard decided to nerf the loot to rebalance the farming process. 

The frogs on Timeless Isle no longer drop Lesser Charms. This change has significantly reduced the profitability of this popular farming method. Needless to say, the WoW community is now divided on the issue. Some for the return of the frogs’ valuable drops. Others believe that additional buffs should be provided for those who didn’t take part in frog farming to balance the playing field. 

Meanwhile, many players have already begun seeking alternative methods. Their efforts have led them to discover other ways to earn resources. At the moment, the most popular strategy is farming MoP Remix hyper-spawn goats. Players are flocking to the northern section of the Valley of the Four Winds to farm for Stout Shaghorn.

Players Found MoP Remix Hyper-Spawn Goats: No Frogs? No Probs!

This method requires multiple groups or a raid team to cover all the separate areas for the goats to hyper-spawn effectively. By coordinating players across various zones, they can ensure a continuous supply of targets, making this farm a viable option for those seeking raw Bronze.

The goat farm provides about 50-75% of the raw Bronze players used to get from the frog farm. However, it can’t fully fill the gap left by the nerfed frogs. Previously, the frog farm offered significant power gains by allowing players to loot for Threads and exchange Lesser Charms of Good Fortune for Cache of Infinite Treasure. This exchange provided not only extra Bronze, but also the Threads essential for the Cloak of Infinite Potential.

Nevertheless, for now, the goat farm remains a solid alternative for players adapting to the recent changes.

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