Players Are Excited About the Future of Dragonriding in WoW

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Players Are Excited About the Future of Dragonriding in WoW

In a recent interview with Icy Veins, Morgan Day, Blizzard’s Associate Game Director, shed light on the future of Dragonriding in World of Warcraft. 

For the Rest of Dragonflight

The Icy Veins team had an important inquiry regarding the potential distribution of Dragonriding mounts as rewards for Mythic+ players. Unfortunately, Day delivered the news that no plans regarding said matter are scheduled for the rest of Dragonflight.

“We weren’t sure how it was going to work out and how the community would react to the system, so as we move forward in the future, we can explore skins as a reward for Keystone Master, but for now, for the rest of Dragonflight, the mount will stay consistent.”

— Morgan Day

In Future Expansions

Initially, the team was cautious about making Dragonriding a permanent game feature. But after seeing the overwhelmingly positive response from the community, Day is confident that the exhilarating flying element is here to stay. It’s being considered to make an appearance in upcoming expansions.

“Having seen the reception from the community, I’m sure there’d be a lot of “feedback” if it didn’t become an evergreen element of WoW, so I absolutely think it is here to stay.”

— Morgan Day

Solving the Mount Collection Problem

One of the major challenges associated with introducing Dragonriding to content other than the Dragon Isles is the potential impact on players’ beloved mount collections. Usually, to get a mount, gamers have to spend countless hours collecting. The team is well aware of it. Thus, they want to ensure these mounts won’t become redundant once the feature is implemented.

The developers are also facing some technical issues. They are in the process of figuring out how to bring Dragonriding to older continents. Vice versa, letting non-Dragonriding mounts soar the sky of the Dragon Isles. These issues are causing some headaches. But the team is working hard to find a solution that will work well for everyone. 

“We want people to still find value in their mount collection – we don’t want to suddenly make 95% of your mount collection feel obsolete. There’s some problems we need to solve there in terms of introducing Dragonriding into older continents, as well as allowing non-Dragonriding mounts to fly in Dragonflight. It’s definitely a hotly debated topic within the team, we just want to roll out the plan in a way that is going to achieve all of our goals.”

— Morgan Day
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