Patch 10.2.7 Hunter Stable: Rename Pets Easier with New UI 

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Patch 10.2.7 Hunter Stable will receive a well-acclaimed overhaul. The revamped UI will simplify the process of renaming pets, allowing you to make unlimited changes with just a few clicks.

Patch 10.2.7 Hunter Stable: Rename Pets Easier with New UI

Patch 10.2.7 brings a major upgrade to the Hunter Stable system, making it easier than ever to manage your faithful companions. With a new search box and sorting options, finding and organizing your pets is now a breeze. You can also sort your pets by name, spec, abilities, and more.

As for the pet preview window, it now has a larger and cleaner design and bears the same aesthetic as the rest of the Dragonflight UI. You will notice a wealth of information readily available about your pets, including their name, specialization, list of abilities, family, and more.

Have some pets that you favor over others? Patch 10.2.7 Hunter Stable allows you to favorite your pets by clicking the star icon next to their names. This will add your preferred pets to a distinct group at the top of the stable list. There are no limits to the number of pets that can be added to this favorite list, so you can freely curate your selection to your liking.

Patch 10.2.7 Hunter Stable: Rename Pets Easier with New UI 
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Pets can also be released directly from the Stable without having to be summoned. This is especially convenient as it allows you to easily clean up your Stable from pets you no longer want in your collection.

For the Beast Mastery specialization, a dedicated slot has been added next to the Active pet list for the pet summoned by the Animal Companion talent. This new feature lets you easily pick a pet to accompany you by simply dragging and dropping it into the designated slot. Once placed, the chosen pet instantly assumes the role of the Animal Companion.

And here comes the most handy feature offered by Patch 10.2.7 Hunter Stable: You can rename your pets without any restrictions. This means you can rename your pets as many times as you like without the need for certificate items. You can conveniently rename your pets directly within the Stable interface. Alternatively, you can select “Rename” to access the renaming window by right-clicking on your character’s pet frame. Enter whatever you like, click “Accept,” and your pet will proudly sport its new name wherever it goes.

What do you think about the incoming changes to the Hunter Stable? Let us know in the comments below!

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