New AI Addon Brings Voices to All WoW NPCs

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Last month, we witnessed a dedicated WoW player use AI to show the community what it would be like if the quests were fully voice-acted. And now, MrThinger has created an addon that gives voices to each and every character in the World of Warcraft.

There are still certain characteristics that reveal these are not human voices. For example, abruptly ending a sentence with an odd intonation, or sometimes it might sound a bit off, or a male NPC may talk in a female’s voice. However, the overall experience is actually really enjoyable. It has voice-over for all of the NPCs. How a Human woman sounds will be different from that of a Gnome one. And while sometimes they might speak emotionlessly, in most cases, the AI even manages to squeeze in some expressions. Thus, elevating the gameplay to a more immersive level.

As of now, the addon only contains audio for level 1-60 quests that existed in Classic. Thus, once you hit Outlands, the world of silence will greet you once again.

If you’re interested in implementing this fascinating feature in your game, take a look at the video below. Frostadamus has made a great guide to show how it works, and how to install the addon, and he even includes a link to download it on Curseforge.

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this amazing coder/programmer, creator, deserves all the golden points he’s getting in heaven. having said that. a humble suggestion if he ever reads this post, you could have quests given by wanted posters and other non humanoid objects read out by the opening cinematic narrator, that would be awesome.