The Most Useless Specs Dragonflight: Season 1 Has to Offer

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Every season, there is at least one major update to the contemporary spec meta in the game. This expansion also saw several big changes. As a result, the ranking of builds changed again, and this article is here to present some of the most useless specs Dragonflight ended up having.

In this context, a “useless” specialization provides no adequate advantage over alternatives in the same role. Some of these are inferior to both their competition in the role roster and the class roster. You can still have fun playing as them, but some of these require extensive buffing.

The good news is that there aren’t too many underpowered specs. It’s arguable, but it seems that a lot more are well-balanced or overpowered. In the current meta, the most useless ability in WoW Dragonflight might simply be a below-average DPS skill, like the MM’s Wailing Arrow.

Affliction Warlock

Afflock is likely the worst spec at the moment. He sorely needs buffing, even in comparison to other Warlocks. For a DPS spec, it doesn’t do a whole lot of damage. His single-target is mediocre, and AoE doesn’t do enough to make up for it. You also can’t combine the two types in any adequate manner, limiting your options.

There aren’t really any unplayable WoW specs, but this one is very close to the border. Some skills are still good, especially when it comes to AoE. Mobility is also one of the upsides, but not much else. The worst part is that other DPS specs are infinitely more impactful and fun to play.

Survival Hunter

Survival is a better option than MM. The problem is similar, however. In practice, it doesn’t have nearly as much damage output to cover for health and utility downsides. The utility is also insufficient, meaning players must go down the DPS route. And that route loses to the competition by a lot.

There are plenty of good destructive abilities, but they pale compared to Beast Mastery alternatives and competition specs. Havoc DH and Feral Druids provide a lot more destructive power in the same gameplay niche while staying alive for longer. And that’s true for a lot of DPS specs out there.

Restoration Shaman

Playing as Restoration Shaman isn’t the wisest choice this season. It’s easily the weakest healer in the meta. It provides neither good healing numbers nor adequate damage while healing. There currently isn’t a good way to play Restoration, and it’s definitely one of the worst specs in Dragonflight.

The Resto gameplay is essentially a choice between healing passives or utility abilities. The former ones are weaker than what many healers have. Choosing the latter means sacrificing important talents like Torrent in exchange for utility. Note that other healers generally have both utility and superb healing.

Retribution Paladin

Ret has been in the spotlight of many discussions lately. It wasn’t a very fun niche to play before, and Blizzard has actually nerfed it for Dragonflight. Ret has plenty of defensives and some utility skills, but that’s it. The DPS aspect, which is what this spec should be about, is below average.

Many feel that Ret brings nothing to the fighting. It provides the most useless abilities WoW has to offer in terms of DPS, especially in comparison with Windwalker or Unholy DK. It’s a testament to how sorely Retribution needs improvement. Hopefully, it’ll get some soon.

Arms Warrior

Arms Warrior isn’t in a very good spot at the moment. Even so, it’s more useful than most specs on the list. It can be best described as “mid,” and the problem is that most damage builds in Dragonflight are great. Being mediocre isn’t cutting it when there are lots of superior alternatives.

It brings a lot of single-target skills, but many of them are underpowered. The AoE is better, but also not terrific. Besides these problems, it’s an alright niche. You get utility skills, rally, and good defensives, but no reliable damage. It’s definitely not among the worst class specs in WoW, though.

Destruction Warlock

Destro is another case of being average in a pool of powerful builds. Magic damage is a role, which currently feels pretty confident, and there are plenty of examples in this field. However, Destruction is on the lower end of the spectrum, and any other magic DPS would be a better pick.

It’s still one of the better single-target damage dealers, and the AoE skills aren’t nearly the most useless spells Dragonflight has. Besides this, it doesn’t have many advantages. You can deal reliable damage (especially in PvP), but Shaman and Mage classes offer much better alternatives.

Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster is likely the weakest tank in this season’s meta. Mind you, a lot of them either stayed as good as they were or got buffed. Monks also got their share of improvement, and now they deal more damage. Because of it, Windwalkers, in particular, became very impactful and fun to play.

Brewmasters, however, are tanks, and they don’t fulfill their role as well as other specializations. Their DPS potential is superior to any tank, but their vitality (which is the job) is poor. BrM has a score of alright defensives, such as High Tolerance or Celestial Fortune. They aren’t in any way the most useless skills Dragonflight reworked, but there are many superior tank powers. As for utility, it offers little team support.

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